Pain management and hypnosis - have you tried it?


I used to practice self hypnosis and I've started again today after a long gap of several years. It's good for reducing muscle spasm and makes me feel less anxious and a bit happier.

There seems to be lots of evidence about the use of hypnosis and pain management, but hypnosis is not used much in british medicine, except to stop smoking. I once saw a television programme where patients in China were having open heart surgery, wide awake using accupuncture instead of anesthetic, so that's how powerful the mind can be because they truely believed they wouldn't feel anything so they didn't.

Has anyone been to a clinical hypnotherapist and did it have any lasting impact on your pain? I wonder if it's worth seeing a therapist in addition to my self help.

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  • Yes, I had several sessions many years ago from someone in Lincolnshire. This was a particular type of hypnotherapy which was recommended by the pain specialist in France who treated me. There are very few people doing this type of hypnotherapy and she also used EMDR. It was a long way to go from Dorset.

    I know someone with rheumatoid arthritis who uses meditation and finds it helpful.

  • It was on my list as its something I haven't tried. Its finding the right person though as many are a waste of time and money I suspect.

  • I tried hypnotherapy, but it was more frustrating than helpful because the person who did it was not a specialist in pain. I lay there just concentrating on my pain. But I find Paul Mckenna's relax cd very helpful to ease muscle spasm and when my pain is not too extreme and im having a flare up, I find meditation really helps with my back pain. But I have to lie on the floor instead of sit. And meditation classes in local centres are not too expensive whereas hypnotherapy tends to be.


  • I can't be hypnotized but I did go for biofeedback and that helps. When I am having a serious pain flare up it is not as helpful and takes longer to get a little relief. It's hard and takes a lot of work to get to the point where you are feeling some relief. There are several meditation and relaxation videos on youtube. Deepak Choprah and Wild Devine are very good.

  • I found a therapist who specializes in hypnosis and pain management. I've done hypnosis for about a year now. It seems to help me relax on normal (for me) pain days. If I am in a flare up, it doesn't seem to help. I think the key is finding a few images that really relate to you, so it becomes natural to visualize on your own. I would say hypnosis is worth a try. Good luck!

  • I tried hypnosis and think it to be a waste of time and money.

    While I was trying hypnosis, I liked it because I had someone who looked professional to talk to about my pain, but it did not help me with my pain, and it did cost a lot of money, at the time I was going I was paying $150 an hour, ouch that hurt.

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