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Hi everyone,

Just posting to say I am going on Thursday for 1st pain clinic appointment and am nervous as I am frightened I don't get across all that I need to, Iv written it all down but it seems like a book! Don't want to pin too much hope on it either as I don't want to be disappointed. Does this sound silly ?

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  • I don't think it sounds silly at all. We want to be positive and believe there is hope to regain some quality of life, but yet we don't want to set our hopes too high only to be disappointed. I think writing down a history of your symptoms is an excellent way to go prepared into a doctor visit. I did that on my journey to a diagnosis of PN and the doctors I saw always commented on how helpful that was to them. I wish you well tomorrow and on your continued journey.

  • I wrote everything down for my first appointment also. It was the only way I could remember it. I had high hopes also for my nerve block and for 4 glorious hours I had no issues. It was Heaven. Always, keep your hopes up, because if we don't have hope we having nothing. Good luck and God bless.

  • I understand exactly what you mean. Writing down everything you want to say is a good idea, but it can end up being a long list, too much to discuss in the time you will have! I always go with a list, usually very useful, but I was told (at a Pain Mgnt centre in Liverpool) that I was a bit obsessive! My advice would be stick to 1 side of A4, bullet points, and key facts. A clear timeline of the main physical symptoms. I have found that talking about mental symptoms/fears is counter-productive- uses up valuable time in these appointments and the doctors are not so interested - they want facts not feelings. So, don't be worried, go armed with the main facts, and a clear idea of what you want (diagnosis?). If you spend too long talking about symptoms, history, emotions etc., the doctor has less time to diagnose/examine/ask questions. Anyway, you are bound to get something positive out of this, please let us know how it goes. Good luck.

  • no not at all, i dont worry about drs appointments anymore, i think its just because i have had so many!!!!!!

    i take it as it comes and you dont need to be afraid, hopefully they are there to help you, hope everything goes ok and you get some answers


  • How did it go?

  • Hi, it all went ok . Thank you for asking. The doctor who's name I won't mention. Was very empathetic. He and his Physio examined me and we talked thing through for ages. He said I have puedendal nerve , which we sort of all knew but it was good to hear someone say it. I also gave coccyx problems. He has referred me on for the nerve blocks by ct guided as he believes my muscles are in spasm so I am waiting for that date. He said I will go to his clinic for Physio treatment probably every six weeks and I'm not to have any treatment elsewhere. He said he will at a later date sort my medication out . I came away really frightened at the outcome and I had written down so many things but when I got in he asked me just to tell him so I forgot and now I'm home I'm lije@what about this and that !" Never mind, I'm so glad I was able to see him. The sad news is that they are under threat!! No money so they will look in future to close them down. He asked if I would like to send a letter to the board. Just one less place for us to go now !!

  • Glad that things are going in the right direction. I cannot believe they are under threat of closure - is that soon or way in the future?

  • Hi did dr tell you where to write to. This clinic and the same dr has helped me get some life back it can't close

  • You should put a post on here detailing where to write to regarding the proposed closure. I am sure a good number of people would also write. You never know...

  • They are fighting it but he believes it is inevitable. He asked me to write a letter to the chief of medical board so I will do that this week. Such a shame !! Where will we go for help if these clinics close?

  • I will message you the address and anyone out there that has been to the Manchester pain clinics and wants to support them could write also. They need our letters. ( I hope it's ok to write this)

  • yes, pls send me the address.

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