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Pelvic pain and night sweats?

I am currently waiting for tests for endometriosis or early onset menopause and I'm really suffering. I've been suffering from pelvic pain and night sweats for over a year and havnt had a period in this time. Somtimes, like last night, I had unbelievable pain through my whole pelvis- throbbing and stabbing with cold sweats and dizziness. Has anyone experienced this and what can I do?

Thanks, first questioner,


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Sounds terrible :)

gp can give you hormone replacement if its early onset menopauseonce. That will help with sweats.

Not sure what the treatment is for endo.

For the pain you can use heat, massage, stretching. Pilates might help.


Hi Katie,

Although my situation may be different (suffered pain for 13 years but undiagnosed, 3 laps to check for endo but only found PCOS) I have had similar strong pain and other symptoms.

Regarding the pain, I can relate, as I'm sure many people on here can do. I have had pain so severe that I have been in A&E and other times when I had to bite on a towel. However, there are ways to manage it for now until you find a solution, treatment or help.

Perhaps we can all use this forum chain as advise on what helps each person deal with the pain outside of painkillers?

I find unless I am not working or driving and can take tramadol (which I try and avoid) then nothing else works. For me to get some relief, even if small, I find heat works, someone else lightly rubbing my stomach (apparently proven that someone else doing has more affect), and even a light walk around the office of block. Not far because its normally the last thing I want to do but can give some relief. I did once have pain therapy and although I didn't find it useful at the time there is one thing I have taken from it to help calm me or put me to sleep when I'm struggling - breath in and out of your nose and think of nothing else, as your thoughts start to go to something else, reign it back in thinking of the air going in and out of the nose etc.

As for the sweats, I don't know about other people but if I get extreme pain it can also give me symptoms of other illness which includes sweats or cold, vomiting and general achey ness and tired. I have suffered bad night sweats as for 12 months, until recently I had Zoladex injections and add back HRT (Livial) and therefore had night sweats and also when I came off it all in November had the symptoms of menopause. I feel for you and hope that you get results back to help you soon. For sweats I couldn't do much would just dress lightly or in layers and have a cold flannel on the ready at home. Again, the breathing can help, even for a little relief.

Good luck with it all, I'm sorry I haven't been able to give you much of a solution but I hope I have been of some help.




I feel for you. I've been going through something similar for last 6 months - night sweats, hot flushes in day, feeling unbelievely tired and muscles aching in pelvis and legs especially when I lay down. I wake up in the morning & feel so stiff & achy. Dr's think probably menopause & vulvodynia (happy days)...

For pain so far I use a heat pad on stomach & legs, deep breathing really helps & do stretches from Headache in Pelvis book which loosen up my pelvic muscles /legs temporarily & has helped with pain. Also place a pillow under my knees, thin cushion under backside which takes some of pressure off & means I can at least get some sleep.

I'm taking notriptyline for the burning vulvodynia pain which helps a lot. Am waiting to see Dr & pelvic pain specialist to see what happens next. Dr has mentioned HRT cream / pain specialist physio we'll see.

Good luck and you're not alone


Thank you so much for all your advice- such great ideas that I am more than happy to try. I've just been for some more blood tests to check FSH and thyroid function so fingers crossed for some answers. It does feel like I am just being passed around as no one seems to understand what it is- been seeing various doctors for nearly a year with no answers!!!! So frustrating! One thing I am really struggling with, which I'm sure isn't helping, is just feeling so down and defeated by it all. I'm only 28 and getting married in June and desperate to have children so there are so many worries in my head at the moment :( these forums a so helpful to share ideas and experiences. Thanks again,

Katie x


Katie- I know this post was 4 years ago, but I am around your age and experiencing similar symptoms. Would you mind sharing what you found out? I have a first doctor appointment in a few weeks and am really anxious about the possibilities.


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