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My son is 13 an special needs for 9 mths he cried an begged for help due to the pain finely in dec i took him to er for the hundredth time they found a persuadecyst an cyst on spleen but sd was afaird to take it out 13days in icu ii brought him home in same pain an have taken hin to another GI that has found he has crohns an is suffering terrible what or how do i get this child some relief why would anyone let him get in this shape an say give more laxatives is ther hope for his pain an for hin to heal please can you advise us ..

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Vaccines regularly cause a massive increase in gut inflamation. Autism is up over 600%. This is the new normal. But what can you do about it? Cut down on sugar, any artifically processed foods drowning in preservatives. You could see an alternative health doctor, low dose naltrexone has helped people with crohns/irritible bowel syndrome. In other words, if you think he has an infection, go to a doctor willing to test him for gut infections. The broad screening tests are highly inaccurate (and cheap) so be aware if they try to blow you off. Best wishes.


This is incredibly inflammatory and has no bearing on the original post. There is zero scientific evidence supporting your claim regarding inflammation, autism and vaccines. Furthermore, it has absolutely nothing to do with what this poor child is suffering through.

**some frickin people

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Chanting "there are no side effects" does not make it so. Especially since no doctor actually has the 100s of side effects to show you for informed consent. The largest growing wing of big pharma is vaccines and the United States has the most vaccines and worst health of any western nation. There is the fact that there was no "s.i.d.s" or the massive wave of allergies before vaccines. But please pretend that my opinion- backed by science not paid by big pharma, is "inflammatory". You are happy to say the kid cannot be helped and call it a day, but rage at me for trying to help.


You are an idiot. Check your scientific facts.


I'm so sorry to hear about your baby. It's so hard to see our children suffer. There's a diet called FODMOP you can google and may be worthwhile doing a food elimination diet. There also many sites on chrons disease. I do believe that diet will help but not sure what you do until diet calms down gut? If you don't think your GI is being helpful and proactive ask for another. Don't wait, find a doc you are happy w that is making strides in helping your son.

Good luck to you


I'm from the Us and I've spent 2 hours reading posts on this UK site. I used to feel the UK had an excellent healthcare system but I've changed my mind after reading what your docs are doing and NOT doing for their patients.

Re: vaccines and autism-read the SCIENTIFIC literature that shows NO affect from vac cines and autism. Jenny McCarthy, one of our big-mouthed uneducated starlets, began this crap about vaccines causing autism because her son developed autism. The ONE BRITISH study that linked vaccines to autism was retracted by the author who admitted that he made it all up. Critical thinking skills are taught in the US, but perhaps not in the UK???

I am appalled at the lack of care some of the patients on this site have experienced? If even ONE of our US docs did anything like what I've read, he'd have lost his license. Do you not have legal recourse when doctors refuse to treat you or when they MISTREAT you? We do NOT have the worst healthcare system in the world, but it sure sounds like the UK does. We have laws that require a patient's pain to be appropriately treated. If it isn't, we can complain about that treatment or lack thereof, to the Joint Commission, the states Dept of Prof Regulation, etc. It's a LAW in the US that pain MUST be treated. And all the other problems I've read about here MUST be treated and NOT 6 months later!!! What is with your doctors? Why are so many patients being mistreated or not treated at all? It sounds like the docs don't give a crap about your healthcare.

I was just referred to a specialist surgeon at the U of Chicago (not far away from me) and my appt is next week. I need adhesions removed. If I had to wait as long as some of you have reported, I'd be dead.

You may want to check out our Joint Commission on Hospital Accredidation and other laws re: our US healthcare. It sure beats your system of "deathcare."


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