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Constant agonising groin pain - anyone had anything similar?

Hi, I am new to this site but really hope someone on here can offer some info. I have agonising constant pain in my right groin area which started about 4 yrs ago when i was pregnant with my second. I actually had a large swelling in the area so consultant thought it was a hernia. Obviously cos I was pregnant they couldn't really do anything at the time. after having My daughter I had a few investigations like xrays & ultrasound but they never diagnosed anything. A few months later when I got pregnant again I was in agony from the start but no swelling this time. I saw surgeon who said a small hernia. I saw her after having my son & she then changed her mind & said nothing there. I have been in pain since but 18 mths ago the pain got much worse. I saw doctor who referred me to physio who treated me for PSD. After 6 months of physio the pain was too much so I was referred for an MRI scan which they said showed the tendons not joining my pelvis properly. This was then treated a year ago with guided injections into the tendons. This procedure was agonising but I was told that pain relief could last from a few weeks up to 3 years. Unfortunately the injections made the pain 50 times worse I have been in constant agonising pain since then. I am on morphine liquid & tablets, gabbapentin, naproxen, sertraline, paracetamol but this does not really help much. I can't walk properly & have 2 use crutches. I struggle sleeping cos of the pain & feel ill all the time. I have 3 kids under 5 so it is really difficult & it really upsets me not being able 2 normal things with them. Luckily my partner is a great help. Since the injections I have had numerous xrays, MRI, bone scan & hospital stays but nothing has been found. I have been told I haven't got PSD, endometriosis or anything wrong with my pelvis. I have just been referred to Saint Marys hospital in Manchester & I am having a diagnostic laparoscopy at end of January.

Sorry for going on but I was wondering whether anyone else had anything similar? I have been on support network website & found the Thoracolumber Syndrome very interesting & I can def relate to the symptoms. Has anyone had this?

Thank u! X

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