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Groin pain specialists??


I am looking for a good groin pain specialist who may be able to help with a diagnosis for me. I am not having very much look with doctors at the moment and I'm just being passed from department to department as no-one can find or diagnose the problem. I am in constant agonising pain so I really could do with some answers!

I am in the Lancashire area but I am willing to travel to see anyone who might be able to help me. If anyone knows of any specialists or hospitals that may be able to help then this would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Have you had the usual hernia problems checked out? Can you be a bit more specific in what kind of pain you are suffering from, ie. ache,stabbing, tingling or whatever. I have groin pain but mine is associated with piriformis syndrome so my piriformis muscle (bum) pain would always happen before the groin pain so I doubt it can be that?

Take care



Hi Helen, thanks for replying to my question. I have had the hernia thing all checked out as this is what they originally thought I had however I have had it checked out by the relevant specialists and they have found nothing. I have had X-rays, ultrasound, MRI & bone scans but they all clear.

I have a constant stabbing pain in my right groin and when the pain is at it's worse it travels around the top of my thigh. I am currently awaiting a diagnostic laparoscopy which I'm having done in Manchester at the end of January.

Hope everything ok with your groin pain. How did they diagnose yours?



Hi Jess,

My sister is having the same symptoms of pain you described. I know it has been three years now. I hope you are recovered by now. Could you please recommend something?



Have you seen this ? not sure whether this is the location you are describing

Pain in the groin can be referred from the lower lumbar region



Hi Jess, my name is Victor.

Please tell me what did you do.

I'm suffering from the same type ailments. you sound like me describing what i'm going through. Every test you described with the exception of the MRI i've taken,all negative.

Multiple trips to the emergency room the pain so bad.

No one can tell me why i'm feeling this pain. Maybe you can help point me in the right direction.


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