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Anyone have experience of endometriosis and appendicitis ?

and not able to wee ? I've just read this :

"Earlier this year, I was rushed into A&E at William Harvey with acute appendicitis. I had an emergency operation and remained in hospital for 10 days. The care, doctors and nurses were very helpful and kind. My first experience in staying in hospital wasn't an awful one at all.

During my appendectomy, the surgeon also discovered that I was suffering from endometriosis on my ovaries. The pain never went away and instead of decreasing over time, it began to increase.

Recently I ended up back in A&E in tremendous pain. I was admitted to a gynae department. After a couple of days, one morning I woke and couldn't wee. As the day progressed I was given a catheter to use for 24 hrs. The next day this catheter was removed to see if I could wee. No luck, so another catheter was inserted. The following day I was told that I could go home with the catheter. No check was done to see if I was able to wee. I was sent home still in pain and now with a catheter. I was a bit shocked.

I had to go back in 4 days to have it removed and to see if I could wee then. I returned to the ward at 9am. I sat there all day drinking water and being drained as I could still not wee. By 6pm I was told that I had to go home with another catheter. I refused and said no, explaing that coping with the constant pain was difficult enough, let alone coping with a catheter and wee bag as well, especially as I live on my own and unable to drive due to the pain medication that I was on.

I became very upset. Nobody seemed to be listening to me. Nobody would explain why I couldn't wee"

Could this be endometriosis affecting the ureter/bladder I wonder ? it seems as though no tests were carried out !

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Hello there

Your experience sounds awful. And as you live on your own it must be difficult.

I don't have any experience to compare with this. I have endometriosis and I've needed to wee a lot since I had an operation.

You could try Endometriosis UK to see if they have any thoughts. They have a helpline, although it's only staffed a few days a week.

If you are struggling to cope at home then you could check if you are entitled to any support, local disability charities often know the ropes about what help is available to whom.

In terms of tests, ultrasound can be used to look for the location of endometriosis, but I've been told that there are very, very few doctors in the UK who have been fully trained in this. One specialist is Mr Banerjee who works in Berkshire/ Surrey. Of course the best way to tell is if you have an op and they take around look with a camera. You should probably see a urologist as well. In my experience you need to be assertive to get proper investigations and treatment. Be prepared to make a fuss from the outset/ complain/ involve your MP/ write to the chief executive of the hospital etc if you are not being treated fairly, it can make a difference.

I hope you get some proper investigations, answers and treatment.

Good luck!


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