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Lack of diagnosis and labelling of mental disorder: Important changes looming ?

This has been under discussion for a long time and seems as though it is being rushed through. It could have major implications for those with chronic pelvic pain conditions.

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Really good article Judy. Thanks

This is something I have been concerned about in general for some time, as it pelvic nerve pain (I think in particular) is SO difficult to get a diagnosis on it is then too easy to be put in the psychosomatic group.

Note I mentioned it is so difficult to get a diagnosis, not that it is so difficult to diagnose. It isn't! which makes the whole thing even more ridiculous.

I have a diagnosis of pelvic nerve entrapment from Dr Greenslade in Bristol (people who know about pelvic nerve entrapment know that he is an expert in this field) YET at an industrial injuries benefit tribunal (I fell at work and they do accept that my injury is industrial injuries related) I have been told that I have a central sensitisation due to a back injury I sustained 12 years ago. I had a successful micro discectomy to rectify the problem in 2003 and was fine after that. I worked for 5 years (44hr+ working week) after that until my fall and pelvic injuries and problems.

There is no nerve impingement in my spine but they will not take Dr greenslades diagnosis and 1 year of treatment (some confirming his diagnosis) on board at all and would much rather shove me in the 'it's in your head' group.

I know it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Appealing of course but I don't hold out much hope as they won't even take the word of an expert.

Thanks again