andrea radio debut

thanks all for listening, i hop i got across everything i wanted to say, but you dont really get that long on air.

i have now asked if they can do a feature on pelvic pain and how it affects people and i have also asked them if they can put our website on the radio station web page.

for those of you who missed it it will be on for the next week so you will be able to listen online anytime.

i am not sure how to transfer it from the radio show to on the website but i will try to find out how to do it, as far as a feature on pelvic pain is concerned i will keep you updated


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  • Well done.

    This link may work. 8 minutes after 10 o'clock. or 1 hour and 8 minutes in to the programme.

  • what a star you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, thats brilliant, it works, "i am ready for my close up now mr de mille"

    joking apart i am trying to get the radio station to go one step further and do an article on pelvic pain in general


  • So pleased it works.

    Hope they will have you on another programme.

  • Very well done. I thought you were very articulate and I don't see how you could do more in time given x

  • Andrea...GREAT job! I live in the states, but want to thank you for being brave enough to speak out on this horrible condition that is not well understood. You didn't sound nervous at all and really hit the most important facts in a short amount of time and did a great job educating the listeners. I wish you well in your continued journey.

  • You were fantastic! Well done. Xx

  • thank you all soooooooooooo much, i hope i can continue to shout rallying cries at anyone who will listen, i have an appointment with my pain doc next week and i am going to try to enlist his help,i am not letting this go now , i am a taurean and very stubborn when i want to be and i think there is more to say on the subject

    hugs and kisses to everyone


  • Well done !!

    Could I talk to you direct?

    Not sure how it works xx

  • yes of course just pm me


  • How do I pm you?


  • I was busy yesterday but just listened now. Absolutely brilliant. You were so articulate and sounded very confident. Well done!

  • thank you thats very kind

  • Andrea,

    I just listened to you on the radio. I live in New York. I just realized that I'm now just like you. My pain has made me home bound. You did a great job on the radio. I'm traveling by plane next month to Atlanta Georgia to try the cryoablation. It is now effecting my legs pretty badly and I can barely walk without severe pain in my legs and my private areas. Thank you for the broadcast if we could get it now where all doctors are fully aware of it. Really sad when some of my former doctors look at me like I have nothing wrong still. That's why they are no longer my doctors. Trying to educate them when I'm told I don't have time for this is really sad. I have said it before I'll let you all know if the cryoablation works. The stimulater I had in December made my pain flare up and I haven't been the same since. Thank you for this support group. God bless us and praying for a break though for all of us someday. Deb🙏🌈🌹😿🙋🏻

  • pm me as i would like to know what this cryoablation is


  • Ok I will. Deb

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