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suffering more since my 3rd c section.. but worried it could be ovarian cancer


I have been suffering from lower back pain mainly left side above kidney and also a band round my tummy, and bloating stomach camps and pain lower bikni both sides ( different times of the month) been doc numerous times , told its muscle pain, had internal as can not see from outside as im so scared.

They did say my bowl is attched to scar tissue as is one of my ovaires is neart my uterus so i dont know where to go next as im in pain most days back ache, tummy ache, and bloating? should i ask for a blood test to check protein levels and also a laproscomy to rule out any cancer worries?

i dont want to keep taking strong painkillers every day as this is doing me harm as well in the longterm..

Thanks for reading


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Hi Lou,

Have you ever heard of endometriosis? scarring in the pelvis can be caused by this and 1/10 women have it to some degree. It's basically the cells that produce the womb lining (endometrium) found outside of the womb. Your idea for a laparoscopy would show any endometriosis in there so might be worth pushing for one. I would go back to your gp and ask for a referal to a gynea, consultant. It's not normal to be in pain like that. There's a community on here for endometriosis, might be worth going on there and listing your symptoms. They'll (and I will) be able to give you any advice, it's always good to go armed when seeing a gp. I tend to go in and tell them what's wrong with me now lol.

Good luck hun and feel free to message me, I've been dealing with gynea issues for 18 years now and only just have a diagnosis so I've researched a LOT :)


ahh Thankyou for your reply darling.. you end up doubting yourself and feel like its all in your head!!

I will go back and ask to be revered to a gynea and ask them to have a poke about lol! :)

I will take a look ay the group for endometriosis and ask some more questions.

take care



hi lou

I have had a c section and have similar symptoms.

After scans and keyhole surgery i was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, endometriosis and adhesions. I believe my pain is mainly from adhesions as after my cyst was removed and some endometriosis removed i still have the pains.

hope you soon get some answers

take care



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