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Desperate for some advice on pain for 12 months and still no diagnosis

Brief details, pain right hand side of abdomen which I have had since November 2011. I have had colonoscopy and am awaiting MRI for small bowel,, however, I am convinced this pain is not related to bowel, as no other symptoms. The pain is constant, I am never free of it, and is worse during the day on standing. It is getting me down so much now. I feel like the problem is related to something gynae. I have been reading about varicose veins in pelvic region, and am wondering if anyone has suffered with this and could advise. I am tearing my hair out now and all docs seem to want to do is give me pain killers. Thank you

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If your diagnosis goes like mine then if they find the bowel tests clear then they'll refer you to gynea. I'm assuming the pain is low down? If you are convinced it's gynea then it might be worth keeping a pain diary. When it gets worse, what type of pain it is etc. This will help when you see the gynea person, it might also convince your gp that it is gynea related.

Good luck, hope you find an answer to your pain, there's nothing worse than not knowing x


Hi there thank you for your reply. I had MRI on Friday and have a 2 week wait for results. In the meantime, my GP has referred me to gynae (to save waiting - in case MRI shows nothing) so I have that appt on 18 December. Pain is only right hand side and the area is a bit lower than tummy button It is ALWAYS there just some days worse than others. Hurts to bend down, feel like my insides will burst.I am getting to the point of feeling like no one believes me. I appreciate your reply. x


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