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Advice please ?

Hi everyone

I'm looking for advice. I have for the past year had pelvic symptoms which started as groin pain only but has now progressed onto hip/ groin pain which travells down the front of my thigh. I would describe this as a tightness and a discomfort rather than a true pain, which worsens when seated, and have described to my g.p the sensation of having an "egg" in my groin. She examined me and could feel no obvious lumps/ bumps and has referred me for ultrasound of the area.

My history is 1 pelvic surgery in 2011 where I was c sectioned with my son ( 4th baby but 1st C section)

Admittedly I am a bit concerned as to what this could be so any advice welcome. I had a pelvic ultrasound last October which was negative ( for ongoing pelvic pain) . Thank you for reading :)

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It could be some muscle spasm/tightness Caleb (just a shot in the dark) this wouldn't show up on ultrasound but may be detectable with physio. The 'egg' may be nerve related as tight muscles can affect nearby nerves. In that area (which I am not so familiar with)

Similarly it can be the opposite way around in that a nerve problem (from the 2011 surgery?) could affect the muscle causing it to feel tight. Either way some good pelvic physio would be a way forward. Here is a list for UK

I am pretty sure there will be many more pelvic physio's around (I hope) so it may be a question of ringing around to find someone nearby who is suitable if there are none on this list close to you.

Hernia is the other thing to consider. I'm sure that is one of the things the GP was looking for , but I have read that some are 'occult' and almost impossible to detect.

Take care,



Thank you for your input Helen. It's been very helpful. I'll wait and see what the outcome of the ultrasound is. It states on the letter that results will be sent to Gp however I'm hoping I will be told results on the day :)


Have you also considered whether this is a back problem? Lower disc problems can cause pain that radiates to the pelvic area and also onto the thigh and leg. It's worth asking your Dr about a back X ray or MRI to assess your discs.


Thankyou silly yak for your input.

Just to update, I went for my groin scan today, doctor confirmed I do not have a hernia. Said could be a number of things causing my discomfort but that ultrasound was Only for purpose of assessing a hernia.

He said he will write report and I've to attend gp in a weeks time for results. Is that a normal response or should I be worried that there is something there?? Sorry, I'm a bit health anxious. Now have to wait a week to see what the outcome is :s


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