my friends said its endomitriosis?

hi im 17 years of age, and ive been getting really horrible pains during intercourse, the pain is at the bottom of my belly i sometimes bleed after, and swell up. recently the pain is accurring even when im not having intercourse, i dont know what this could be, ive been to the doctors they have made me an appointment to see the gynacologyst, what could it be?

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  • Hi Nicole,

    Is the pain deep inside or on the outside ? there are several things it could be and it may not be endometriosis. Do you have painful periods ?

  • Pain with sex can be caused by a variety of different things like Judy said. I wouldn't assume it's endometriosis unless you have other symptoms too like painful and/or irregular periods. Seeing the gynea will probably answer a lot of your questions and once they've seen you they may suggest an ultrasound or possibly a laparoscopy.

    One thing I will say do not let them tell you that you are too young to have endometriosis, I was told this for 3 years even though my older sister had it too, only to have a laparoscopy which showed I did in fact have enometriosis. It's common for consultants to think only pre-menopausal women get endo but this is a myth.

    Good luck seeing your consultant. If I were you I'd make a list of your symptoms and mark on a calender when you get the pains as you might find it links to your cycle (like ovulation pain). Hope you're having a pain free day x

  • Hi I have had everything done the last was a laparoscopy but the results came back clear oh sorry then I got sent to see about my bowls but everything was clear there too please help I can't stand the pain during sex I have tried everything and nothing is helping I feel like I'm going mad because everything is clear but there has got to be something its been 4 years now pain isn't normal during sex me and my partner are arguing a lot latley over it because I don't always go to bed just in case it turns to sex and I'm scared of the pain I no I will get we used to have a great sex life and to top it all off I have the worst periods I just feel like I can't cope much longer my auntie mentioned a hysterectomy because my mum had to have one due to very bad periods is that really my last option

  • the pain is both deep inside and outside, but mainly the pain is inside, i do have painfull periods yes i have fainted at times with the pain, and the pain can start up to 2 weeks before im due on.

    missteal... they said i will have some scans done dont know if that will happen that day or at a later date but im hoping they can get things going asap.. me and my partner are going down hill because of this as the sex isnt the best as he doesnt like to see me in pain but i just hope they can help me out and get the ball rolling, thank you that sounds like a good idea, also another question, can you still have kids if you have this? we've been trying now for 6 months and nothing yet, ive misscarried but struggling to catch again. x

  • Nicole,

    As you have these other symptoms it could be endometriosis. Making some notes and having a diary is a very good idea to take for your consultation.

    Is sex painful all of the time or worse at certain times of the month ?

    Hope you make progress and keep us posted

  • thank you i will do that :) sex is painfull all the time i may get a lucky time where it doesnt hurt but that could be like once a month if im lucky, but yes it hurts all the time, but the pain is worse like i said up to 2 weeks before i start my period, i cannot have sex while on my period at all as i cry in pain x

  • Nicole,

    Have you tried taking something for the pain before sex ? you can still have kids with endometriosis, in fact most people who want them , succeed but some may need help. I think it's important to see health professionals who have the knowledge and experience to deal with this though.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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