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Research into Chronic Pelvic Pain – The MEDAL Study

Research into Chronic Pelvic Pain – The MEDAL Study

Pelvic pain can affect the daily activities of many women. We are conducting research to improve the current practice in diagnosing pelvic pain. The MEDAL Study is funded by the National Institute for Health Research - Health Technology Assessment (NIHR-HTA). MEDAL stands for 'MRI to Establish Diagnosis Against Laparoscopy’. It is a study investigating whether an MRI scan can replace the use of laparoscopy (surgery) in establishing a diagnosis amongst women with unexplained chronic pelvic pain in a hospital setting.

The study hopes to determine whether, the use of surgery is required for some women with chronic pelvic pain. For further information please visit:

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Men also have pelvic pain. I am disabled by levator ani syndrome.


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