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Chronic pubic pain?

I have had ongoing pubic pain for 4 months. The pain is constant but aggravated by sitting, passing urine and bowel movements. Before each bowel movement I get intense stabbing pains in my pelvis that get worse during the BM. I have endometriosis and recently had this removed - the gynae said he found nothing else to explain this pain. Colonoscopy and bloods are normal. I have been referred for a non urgent MRI so could take months.. Each time I ask whether it could be neuropathic the drs dismiss this suggestion. Has anyone had similar?

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Hi, I have had this problem for 6years and it drives me crazy. Even taking morphine does not work and I think I have had nearly all the tests that are available. I did see the neuro and he told me it is the brain giving out the wrong signal. I am having a Lumbar Epidural on 27th July, I hope this helps. The other treatment I have heard of is Botox injected internally. Dont give up,there must be something out there, Jacky.


Has anyone else tried this product??


You both should look into pudendal neuropathy (PN) Nerve pain is usually quite different from 'normal' pain and is sometimes described as stabbing, although it can also be burning, electric shock, tingling. It almost needs it's own equity card it can masquerade in so may different forms.

I would especially link stabbing pains to something neurological if the pain follows a similar path and seems to 'travel' along that same path each time. There doesn't need to be just one path, although there may be.

I realise that is is not impossible for your neuro to be right Mouse, the brain can learn a pain signal and retain it when the actual problem is long healed. Some cognitive awareness training may be beneficial for this so that the brain can 'unlearn' these signals. HOWEVER, I can't understand why the neuro hasn't followed a pelvic nerve problem up especially when it happens mechanically with specific (bowel) movement.

I can't understand it at all although I know it happens all of the time. It's ridiculous to be honest.

If You can relate to any of this there are things to try that may help:

Not sitting, sitting with a particular cushion (some help some don't it's trial and error so don't spend a fortune on any)

Introducing sitting for small amounts of time and building up.

A combo of an anti seizure drug (like gabapentin or Lyrica) and an anti depressant (cymbalta) used for nerve pain, NICE guidelines.

Physiotherapy with a PN aware specialist. Sometimes the problem can be because of tight pelvic muscles.

Not straining and avoiding constipation as it's always worse when constipated.Use movicol, senna or stool softeners for instance.

There are a few clinicians who are PN aware, and even fewer that can treat the condition. My advice would be to get a diagnosis from someone who recognises that these conditions exist.

Take care,



Hi Helen, I have had 2 PNs and they did not work. I am having a spinal epidural on the 26th,I do hope that works. Can you tell me more about cognitive awareness please. I should also mention that I have scoliosis with a 90d angle.


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