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Adhesions - is there a specialist in the area?

Please can somone help me!!!

Im under the Wansworth Sutton and Merton Health authority and have been diagnosed with adhesions following C section - found when they thought I had apendicitis. Im in constant pain on co-codamol and tramadol daily. Several web sites have recomended being refered to specialist as this is the best chance of having the adhisions delt with and them not reoccuring?

I really would like to know if there is a specialist in the area that I can request to be refered to through my gp but dont know where to ask....

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Is this adhesions or endo ? the problem with adhesions is that they often reform - this can depend on the type of adhesion and where it is. There are a lot of clinicians that don't want to deal with adhesions. Do you think you could get referred to West London ?


thank you for replying I am so gratfull. Its ahesions when I was admited with abdo pain they did scans ruled out overin, galbladder and pelvic inflamation etc thought it was appednix so did laparoscopy took my apendix out and unstuck my bowel from my tummy wall. 3 weeks after I had a distended tummy and ended with the pains again and difficulty urinating - which is really bad again and am off work! GP says its all the signs of more adhesions so is treating me for adhesions with pain relief. Is scarey to think that there are a lot of clinic that dont want to treat adhesions this is affecting every aspect of my life! Where in west london would I need to be refered??? I could ask my GP when I go back to see her next week?


Maybe St Mary's, Paddington - there is a gynaecologist and a pain specialist there - I'd maybe go for the pain specialist - then you could ask him about physio and other possibilities.

Can you e-mail me at about this please ?


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