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What is the best treatment for a ‘significant prolapse?’

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I am 68 with a ‘significant prolapse.’ I had a total hysterectomy 21 years ago. I have an appointment with a specialist in two days. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this & what treatment worked for them?

11 Replies
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Hi metromama, You didn't mention what part is prolapsed, but since you mentioned that you've already had a hysterectomy, I'm going to assume you're talking about a vaginal prolapse. Three yrs. ago I had to have my uterus removed due prolapse. Then only 1 year later the remainder of my vaginal organs/wall fell. It's called vaginal valve prolapse. They used a mesh material to suspend everything that couldn't be removed (ovaries etc..) I know that the mesh material from many years ago prompted many law suits, but my Dr. assured me they had improved the type of mesh used now. Perhaps your Dr. will offer you a different completely different options other than the mesh. Please be sure to see a Urogynocologist for this. A typical GYN doesn't usually have the necessary kind of experience they need when dealing with mesh procedures. Good luck on your upcoming appointment. Who knows, they may have made further advancements since I had my prolapse and you'll be offered more options than I had. I do know that they can perform this by using a laparoscope rather than cutting your abdomen. It also depends on what your insurance company will allow. Laparoscopic surgeries also drastically cuts back on the amount of recovery time. I wish I had would have had that option. Also, please find a good Urogynocologist to do this (if surgery is your only option.) Your typical Gyn doesn't usually have the experience needed when dealing with this type of surgery. The outcome is only as good as the doctor who performs the surgery. You are your only advocate and I would ask many questions regarding your doctor's experience with mesh procedures. Good luck with your upcoming appointment. I wish you all the best!

PS. If you don't mind, I would be very interested in hearing about what type alternatives your doctor offers, as I've had some complications (nothing having to do with the mesh.) Before my surgery and even worse now since my surgery was done, I have experienced intense burning near my urethra. They believe I have vaginal nerve damage, but I had it prior to the surgery, not as a result of it. However, the nerve damage is much worse since the surgery was done. I'm not trying to scare you, as most women don't experience any complications at all. My case is very unique and I haven't found a doctor who can repair or block the damaged nerve or found any way to treat the pain it causes. I'd really appreciate hearing about the outcome of your appointment. By the way, I'm 57 and I live in the US. Good luck again!

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Metromama in reply to Traz60

Dear Traz60,

Thank you for your kindness is sharing your experience. As I had a total hysterectomy it should really just be the vagina walls that need support. I’ll certainly let you know the options I’m offered.

I’ll be okay with my particular specialist as this type of treatment is his total focus.

Thank you so much for your advice!

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Traz60 in reply to Metromama

Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear your doctor specializes in dealing with prolapse and possible mesh procedures. I look forward to hearing what options he/she offers you to correct that problem. Good luck, I wish all the best!


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NZer1 in reply to Traz60

I also have nerve pain in my urethra after having a hysterectomy and a burch colposuspension .

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Personal choice each must go with what seems best for them. Personally at 68 if it's bearable and can be 'lived with' I would leave it alone.

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I think surgery is probably your best solution. No one wants to have surgery. Sometimes it is the only way to get better. I wish you all the best!!!👍

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Thank you! As I've already had the total hysterectomy & both knees replaced I'm fairly sanguine about surgery. I'd just like it fixing before the birth of our first grandchild!

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Jjosh in reply to Metromama

Also 68 and had total hysterectomy in early 90s. Now have minor prolapse, stress and urge incontinence . Being treated with betmiga and vaginal oestrogen at moment but talk of an operation. When it comes to meshes it is possible for surgeon to use an organic material, even from your own body. I am in UK.

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Hi love I had vault prolapse after having my hysterectomy I wouldn’t touch the mesh method if they paid me a million pounds I had the stitch method through my vagina.

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Unfortunately am unable to offer advice in this instance, but this is a way of thank you to all who contribute here.

These pages have been a godsend through my prolapse womb, prolapsed bladder experience and subsequent (10 days ago) hysterectomy. Am not dwelling on it, and so far- so good... but am very aware that other bits could now prolapse in the future. For this reason, thank you so much for posting your message and concerns Metromama, and I too are keen to hear all the options made available to you. There is such good and reassuring advice to be found here and though I realise it wasn't related to your initial op. am really sorry to hear about your permanent damaged nerve prob. Traz60, especially after all you have been through. I wish you both, I wish all well....

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Traz60 in reply to sushke

Thank you for the kind words and well wishes. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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