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The best Sacroliliac Dysfynction specialist?

I'm just about at the end of my tether with the NHS, I know they are wonderful and I am very lucky to have them but I need to find someone who actually knows what they are doing when it comes to SIJ injections and treatment. I've just had had my 5th failed injections, which weren't done under xray as the Dr didn't see any reason that they needed to be!

Can anyone recommend someone to see within you UK either NHS or private, I don't care, I just need help...PLEASE

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I have not had one done but hope to at some stage as an elimination tactic. I do know that Dr Chris Jenner does them both NHS and privately (you would have to ask if they were guided under x ray or whatever though)

I can only recommend him as being a thoroughly nice guy, haven't had any procedures with him at all, (again hope to)


If the sacro-iliac joint is out of place, injections won't help. The first course of action should be to see a good physio. I had had SIJ problems for several years as a result of pudendal and other nerve damage and trying to sit lop sided. This caused the SIJ issues. When i saw a local Dorset physio who is excellent with these conditions, she could see when she looked at my posture from behind that the joint was completely out of place. She manipulated it back into place. It took 3 sessions + some exercises to do each day. It was fine for a year and then I had another episode which again took 3 sessions and exercises to correct. That was over a year ago now and it hasn't recurred. This physio helped us with the information about SIJD on the website which you can find by doing a search on the homepage.


Hello Could you please let me know who your Physio was in Dorset. Thankyou


This has been going on for 8 years, since the birth of my son which was horrific and ended in an emergency c-section. For 7 of those years I've been told there was either nothing wrong with me, it was my weight, all in my head etc etc until finally I was diagnosed in December of last year with Sacroiliac Dysfunction. I very much doubt that after 8 years, I have any hope of the joint being manipulated back into place now. All I want is effective pain relief if that even exsists and to speak to someone that actually listens and knows what they are talking about. sadly this seems severley lacking in my area, (North Yorkshire). I've had more sessions of physio than I can remember, one of which left me unable to walk for 3 weeks, facet joint injections (3 lots), tens machine, patches and more tablets than I can be bothered to list.

My GP is lovely but I need to see a proper specialist

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There is someone in Middlesbrough who is a pain specialist and I'm sure would be supportive - you may be able to discuss an interdisciplinary approach which involves several people working together.

Can you send me a private e-mail about this either on here or at ?



If you've had five failed injections then do you still have faith that you have a correct diagnosis? If all those injections into that area haven't helped then on what basis was the diagnosis made?

I had injections under an image intesifier in an operating theatre. The doctor took a long needle and poked it into my bone from my SI joints all the way to my tail bone to establish what hurt the most before deciding where to put the injections. It was horrible and I felt much worse afterwards for weeks. He then offered to kill the nerves supplying my tailbone, but I declined because of the risk of also killing the nerves for bowel and bladder control. He might have been the best in the business, but the procedure didn't help me. That doesn't mean it won't help you of course.

If your joint is out of place then don't dismiss the thought that it could still be helped with manipulation whether it's by a physio or osteopath. Time doesn't prevent bones being put back into the correct alignment. The problem is that when you have pain you end up with muscle memory - muscles in spasm or trying to do the wrong job which can make it difficult to get everything working normally again, which is why phsyio's give us exercises I suppose, but they are so easy to put off until tomorrow. I hate doing my exercises. I don't like physio much either, it's like medieval torture at times, but my physio has increased the mobility in my spine massively, so no pain, no gain.

If you've had bad experience with physio and can afford private treatment then there are two very gentle approaches which you could try to see if they help. Craniosacral osteopathy (not craniosacral therapy which I think is a bit different) is very gentle indeed in my experience. And McTimony chiropracters are also very gentle.

Be careful about the tablets by the way if you're taking that many, opiates in particular, can make pain worse over time, according to the latest thinking. Pain specialists are good a writing prescriptions and giving injections but if you've suffered for eight years a pain management course might also help where you may be steered towards other ways of coping.

I hope you get some injections that give you proper relief and also find some help that will give you a longer term solution.


Have you ever heard of Rolfing? I'm not sure how precedent rolfing is in the u.k. ( I am from the USA ) but if you can find a really good Rolfer he/she may be able to help you.

I did a search on and found a couple of names:

Felicioni, Giovanni

Garden Flat 92a Lady Margaret Road Tufnell Park

London, N19 5ES

Certified Advanced Rolfer - Faculty Member

Rolf Movement Practitioner

Status: Active

Phone: +44-020 7697 0464

Richardson, Alan

The Hale Clinic 7 Park Crescent Covent Garden

London, W1B 1PF

Certified Advanced Rolfer

Rolf Movement Practitioner

Status: Active

Phone: 07957 307 616


Sorry, meant to say prevalent not precedent!


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