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Periformis pain

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Periformis Syndrome… has anyone had this and how long did it last

Any cure for the pain that stops you sleeping???


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Hi there, yes I get pain in the piriformis muscle a lot and also the hamstring muscles at the back of the thigh. The pain can wake me in the early hours of the morning. I can't move to get out of bed. I could almost scream it's so bad.I don't know how to stop the pain once it starts. I eventually manage to get up and move around the house until it eases off. no painkillers I've had take away the pain at night. I now sleep on my couch instead of the bed. I think it's firmer and I can't move around as much. I used to sleep with a pillow under my knees but felt that made it worse. Things that aggravate it are sitting in the one position too long(more than 10 minutes) I have to change position often. I don't cross my legs or sit on one hip. The less of a bend at the hip when I sit the better. sounds impossible, it really is. climbing stairs and hills is another killer but I can't avoid them. 3 storey house at the bottom of a hill 😫

I recently saw NHS physiotherapist who advised strengthening exercises (which I struggle to do, often causes more pain) and relaxation sessions from YouTube. the ones I find helps most are progressive muscle relaxation. there are loads to choose from so even if you haven't done meditation or guided relaxation you are bound to find something that suits you. I also use a heat pad to relax the muscles alternated with deep freeze gel to reduce inflammation. sitting on a tennis ball with it right under the piriformis muscle and gently moving around so the tennis ball is massaging the muscle. this improves blood flow and encourages healing. I've been troubled with it for approximately two years on and off. I find it's worse in the winter as I spend more time indoors sitting a lot. I hope you can can find some relief soon. it really is a pain in the bum! 😌

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Whysodifficult in reply to Lunasmum

try a good mattress topper … it is working for me.. eases your spine…

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use a tennis or lacrosse ball, lay down on it and roll up and down.

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Hi, I’ve managed to finally relieve myself of the pain…. as mentioned by others massaging the hip by rolling on a tennis ball (google it, takes a bit of practice to get it right… but that might just be me 😂) Pilates and walking…also I bought a mattress topper which is quite soft and no longer get discomfort at night.

Good luck

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Have you tried Advil Dual Action? It contains both acetaminophen and ibuprofen, and relieves both joint and muscle pain.

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The tennis ball can be painful if lying on it. My PT showed me how to place it against the wall and roll over it. This way it's much easier to moderate the pressure.Butt muscle building exercises can make the pain worse for some people. Look up piriformis stretch on YouTube. Don't do anything that hurts or causes spasms.

Have you tried sleeping on your side or in fetal position?

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pigeon pose and log pose gently these yoga poses over time completely solved this problem

Takes time and commitment

I wish you well

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I'm loving all the comments above, especially the yoga pose suggestions. In the meantime, I use CBD lotion, rubbing it well into the butt muscle, it gives you some nice release from pain. Takes about 15 minutes to start working. Make sure it purchase the lotion with a decent amount of CBD, mine has 600mg.

I haven’t been diagnosed with anything in particular yet but out of everything I’ve read this seems the most likely pelvic problem I’m having. It happened during third trimester of pregnancy. And that was three years ago. It’s constant and bad. I’ve tried everything I can think of and no relief for me. Ugh will this pain ever go away?!

I have had piriformis syndrome since I was injured by transvaginal mesh. Since you mention the pregnancy relationship, I wonder if it is caused by hypertonic muscles (they are tight and won't release)? You can do stretches of the piriformis and use muscle relaxers, they help some. I have gotten my relief from botox shots, botox paralyzes the muscles. Exercises will exasperate the pain because the muscles are already tightened, once they relax then exercise will strengthen them. Our bodies tend to tighten when stressed - whether attacked by mesh or pregnancy. Once they get there they often become "stuck". The tennis ball others mentioned help because they are like massage. It hurts like crazy doing the tennis ball regimen, I did it lightly as much as I could stand.

I sure hope you get the relief You're looking for! It is miserable.

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I bought the best mattress topper I could and already in 2 days it has eased 80%..

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