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Prolapse thoughts

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Hi all, I'm 37 years old 4 months postnatal with first baby. I had diastasis recti so started exercises and wearing abdominal belt around a week after giving birth, but shortly after I started feeling a heaviness down below, so had a look in the mirror and suspected a prolapse. Physio and gynae said it's a grade 1 uterine and bladder prolapse, and physio was confident that I'd reverse it with exercises. 4 months on and even though the dragging feeling has got a bit better, the prolapse seems same or even worse, not to mention problems with bowel movements. Even though I'm as regular as ever, I never seem to be able to finish, so I never feel empty and the prolapse feels even worse when I need to go and I can't. Physio suggested the one-use pessaries that you insert like a tampon, but they basically got pushed out after an hour or so, especially if I had BM. I might be having a ring pessary inserted next month, although not sure about pros and cons. If there's anyone who has gone through something similar I'd really appreciate any thoughts or advice, thanks!

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I am 70 this year so most of what I write may be totally irrelevant to your experience. I was diagnosed with a prolapse about 12 years ago and fitted with a ring pessary. The fitting of a ring pessary has a bit of a knack to out and I have had Doctors and nurses that are very proficient but also had some that were brutal, did not warm the ring to make it more flexible for inserting etc. Nowdays it’s moving toward people refitting their own but my first try in December was a bit of a failure and then got a Doc to fit it. When they are done properly these stay in place and you never know they are there. The nurse that did it in Guys& Thomas’s Hospital regularly over the last few years was a total expert.

I went to an excellent physiotherapist in Bishops Stortford whom my daughter saw after giving birth, she was an expert in the pelvic floor area and rectum. I have a rectocele in the bowel. I am due to undergo a hysterectomy and bladder repair as well as a rectocele repair shortly. I have no idea if the operation will cure the the leaking bladder and bowel. Walking seems to worsen both and the bowel is worse sometimes than others but does not empty fully because of the rectocele. These problems are caused by child birth as I understand it , but I am no expert and I have only learned about this as I have gone along. I believe they will remove the bulge caused by the rectocele and repair through stitches in the vagina. I had the prolapse several years before the rectocele, but I find both issues very limiting as everywhere I walk it will have to have toilets otherwise I cannot chance it.

I do hope you get sorted, as it is a very stressful problem and you are young. I expect that post op I will not be able to lift grandchildren and was have to be extremely careful as it might all come undone. Good luck, but do get yourself referred to Consultant for assessment. It is gynaecologist for pelvic floor and a bowel surgeon for rectocele. The operation is done jointly. Hope some of this helps.

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Chouchou1234 in reply to NiamhP

hi I am new to this my rectocele is very bad with perineal descent of 4.5cm and severe rectal hypos sensitivity

Any advice! I’m 47 and years of constipation

It’s so bad at the moment.

Seen surgeon suggested biofeedback . Waste of time.

Thank you

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hello…I can only tell you of my experience at the age of 55 I was getting dressed and my bladder just dropped from 0 to stage 3 all at once caused me pelvic floor muscle Spasms I could hardly walk due to the heaviness and pain…on the sofa tried multiple pessary fittings many drugs all to no avail…did internal p/t that helped but still not able to my I had the corrective surgery although the heaviness is gone I still had pelvic pain…I was misdiagnosed for almost 2 years…I had to go out of state to a pelvic pain Dr….try to find one he helped me more then anyone else just by being properly diagnosed….I now do yoga and meditation for pain management and work with an herbalist….I recommend the surgery because it did correct the problem no more heaviness and am able to walk and garden….in my case the prolapse actually caused a nerve dis function called pundel nurgalia ..because you are young and have a new family I would recommend getting it corrected with the proper surgery…so that you will be able to run after your child and if it was me and again I am no dr…I wouldn’t have any more children I would think it would only make it worse…I hope this is helpful and wishing you well

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You might be interested in approach - non surgery, non pessary method - many women with post baby prolapse recover quickly. Good health to you!

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Thank you all x

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