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Whole Woman Program

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Has anyone gone through the Whole Woman Program? I have stage 3 bladder prolapse. I have been fitted with a pessary that did not fit and will have to go back and try again. I am asking about Whole Woman because her newsletters state that kegel exercise is not good for prolapse and that surgery is not necessary with the Whole Woman program. Her program costs $199 and if it is effective, that's great. I don't want to fork out that much money without some feedback. I would be grateful for any informtion.

5 Replies
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I'll be watching for the responses as I'm interested myself.

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kitzka in reply to CherylVacc

Good to see that someone else is interested. Hopefully someone out there will have some insight.

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I started the WW approach last summer, have also been through one of the online group sessions. I can recommend, I have had some improvements, but still a long way to go, my problem has been many many years coming, and progress is slow and I am ok with that, do not want surgery, that's a strong driving force, plus there are other benefits with this method - basically a return to our natural posture, natural breathing and way of moving. Some women repair very quickly (younger women) others take 1-2 years, and then its a life long commitment - lifestyle changes to maintain, so its a big commitment, but yes I totally believe possible, many women have done it and recovered. It involves changes to walking, sitting, exercising, basically changes to your posture. Our culture does not show us as children growing up the supportive way of using our bodies, there are fundamental flaws in our patterns of movement and sitting that causes common complaints, such as prolapse - that is the basic tenet, I think. I really value the founders regard of the female body and respect for nature, she has done an impressive amount of research over many years, she lives what she teaches, and her insights are remarkable and probably very true - not the first time in western medicine that women have been mis-understood and mistreated because our doctors do not have the belief in the beauty and perfect design of the human body. I did follow my physiotherapists advice to start with, lots of k egels, and condition worsened. PT said my pelvic floor muscles were 5 out 5 to start with. Our bodies are dynamic and constantly changing. We have the potential for change, and healing. Believe in the beauty of the female body, we have an intelligent design to last us our life through.

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kitzka in reply to MissStar

MissStar, thank you for your response. I was

so confused as to what direction is best. I am sure that I don't want surgery and the alternatives did not sound helpful. The WW program sounds like a good way to go. At the very least it is not intrusive and has respect the nature of the female body. Respect for female nature is not something I have encountered with the medical profession.

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MissStar in reply to kitzka

WW approach sees our bodies are well designed, problems come from cultural ideas of beauty that we then copy growing up, and our bodies pay the price. Good luck finding healing and good health

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