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Prolapsed and Angry


Some months ago I discovered something "coming out" of my vagina. As I didn't know the first thing about prolapse I ran to my GP. She made me lay down to examine me, put her hand inside me, made me cough while pressing my belly and then she said: "Everything is in its place". I was shocked and I felt ashamed and neglected. I told her "I know my body and something is misplaced". She replied "nope, you're ok". I went home, touched the prolapse coming out of my body and I decided to go to A&E. A nurse saw me and she said "no doctor would see you about this, it's not an emergency at all". Still in shock I went back home and started my incredible journey. I've been in NHS doctors, private doctors, I've had private scans and I've gone to private physiotherapists BUT THEY ALL MAKE ME LAY DOWN! And when I lay down and put my feet in the frigging metal things, as I have a retro positioned uterus, it goes back to its place. I just tell them "please let me stand up, and you'll see it coming out" BUT NO, all of them do the same awfully painful manoeuvre and come to the same conclusion, "I have a mild prolapse". Well, right now I have a treble prolapse, everything inside is falling down and I'm mentally exhausted. I have a little toddler I can't play with, a husband I can't have sex with and a life without any quality. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Thank you!

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Hi if it was me I would probably be angry too it would reduce me to tears. How awful you know something is wrong and no one will take notice. I think going to the doctors these days is a complete waste of time. I went awhile back with various complaints and have heard nothing since they gave me 2 minutes and a thanks close the door on your way out! Am so sorry for your situation but dont give up until someone listens. Hope it gets sorted soon xx

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Thank you!!

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Try asking for a referral to a urogynaecologist who specialises in prolapse, or a women's health physiotherapist (although you may have to pay for this as very few on the NHS). Once you have someone who can confirm your diagnosis you may be taken more seriously by the gp. This was my experience. I was told to live with mine for as little by as possible as surgery is the only treatment (male gp!). Easier said than done! But I wish it was normal NHS procedure to see a physio before a surgeon, so much they can help with even if surgery is the only answer. I hope you find someone to help you. Take care.

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Hi Sue, thanks for replying. I've already seen both specialists and same story. How are you dealing with your prolapse?

Thanks again.

All the best,

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I had a rectocele repair four years ago by my local gynaecologist. It failed after six months and unfortunately damaged my pudendal nerve. In Jan 2016 I had a laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy which sorted out the rectocele and internal rectal prolapse (diagnosed by a lying defaecating mri - consultant said it was impressive to produce this lying on my back!). I went to see a specialist pelvic pain consultant in Bristol privately after the first op in 2012 cos local drs knew nothing about pudendal nerve damage.

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I'm flabbergasted about the ignorance in this field. So sorry for you. I hope you're feeling better now.

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Maybe seeing a consultant privately is the answer for you? You could have treatment on the NHS once you have a proper diagnosis. Maybe enquire first if they would examine you standing up. I'm sure I have heard of this before, it's logical really as we are upright most of the time! Good luck.

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I have pudental nerve damage after rectal prolapse surgery too. So painful. If you ever get help please let me know how ! Suffering with it for years in America!😢

About 10 years ago, I felt and saw something coming out of my rectum. I thought it was hemorrhoids . I had a colonoscopy and was told he couldn't get all the way up and that I had colitis and to redo in a year. I redid with a different gastroenterologist. He said I had a prolapsed rectum and didn't have and never had colitis. I followed up with two colon Rectal surgeons who both said I needed surgery on the prolapsed rectum and would be incontinent within 10 years without surgery. I was examined both times standing up and asked to squeeze. Of course it came right out. I was operated on to repair it. In your case, I would suggest going to a urogynecologist , and I would refuse to lie down until they examined me standing up ! Good luck !

I had this exact same problem in my quest for answers. I did not understand why seven doctors told me there was nothing wrong. I described to them things coming out and the extreme pain but you're right they all ask you to lay down!

What I ended up being diagnosed with was a torn levator Ani muscle and so my prolapse wasn't necessarily because of weak muscles it was because there was a large gap left from the muscle that was no longer there.

A pelvic pain specialist diagnosed me finally. And it only took him about 10 seconds while I was laying down. The other seven doctors just asked me to cough and said everything looks good. I was in the same situation as you trying to look after my baby and it is very difficult .

Have you had your muscles checked by someone who knows about muscles of the pelvic floor?

I made the assumption that anyone who stuck their hand in my vagina knew what they were doing. I now know that a lot of them just don't have the training to discover any difficult or out of the ordinary problems.

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Hi, Treens! Thank you for sharing your experience. It's so frustrating and enraging, isn't it? I think we all make that assumption and we shouldn't! How are you doing now? Did you find a solution?

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I didn't find a solution but am still on the road of trying everything. I have had surgery to try to close up the defect. They did this by finding the torn levator ani muscle and sewing it back to the middle to build a support system for my pelvis.

I still have a lot of pain and limited mobility. The surgery has helped a little to move me to the next level of physio and general movement. I'm in the pool - doing my exercises - trying to be positive too. Working to find what makes me happy with my new body...what can I do that makes me feel a little joy and makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. I'm a former athlete and losing the ability to participate in sports has been kind of heartbreaking.

I'm sure that's hard for all of us who have lost so much in terms of participating in the things we love...even the little things like wandering the mall with a coffee :(

Thanks for the note :)

This is not unusual. I know two women who experienced the same thing. The doctor kept saying everything is fine. She got up off the table and said there it is again! He looked and said you are prolapsed. Why are they not taught that position matters?

You do indeed have a prolapse. The best exam I had was by a female ob/gyn who told me to stand up so she could get a better understanding of what was going on in my body.

That was the good news but the bad news is that another dr corrected my prolapse my putting mesh in me. It's almost my life. So if you do find a dr that tells he/she can repair your prolapse with mesh..... RUN don't walk away

my gynecologist diagnosed my prolapse by doing a vaginal exam while I was standing and also did a vaginal and rectal exam at the same time. I am unsure why yours has not tried the same thing.

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Are you in London? Can I have hers/his contact details? Thank you!!

I also knew I had 3 prolapses and whilst seeing a urologist , he suggested when I had the MRI at one point I should press down or words to that effect and the prolapses would show on the MRI. Which they did, rectum, bladder and uterus. Took me about 10 days to recover from the pressing down but did prove my point. I had prolapses which up to that point ( after about 5 years) nobody believed me.

I've just had an MRI, they will give me the results in a couple of days. During the MRI they asked me to push several times so let's see if I can get a prove to stop all the madness. Thanks for sharing your experience, Rose. I hope you're feeling better now.

Soooooooo fun news! I've got the results of my MRI. I got there in pain and pushing the uterus up as it was (as some of you know) very difficult to walk. Add to that that I have the permanent feeling that I need to go to the toilet because of the rectocele and now open an envelope with a report inside that (you paid a little fortune for and) says that YOU ARE PERFECT and everything is in its place. Yay, right? Aaaaarg!

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I think this is the worst part. I've had to push for everything. Every test. Makes you feel bad. The emotional impact is horrible too. Such a common problem too. Why isn't it being treated better? Cos it won't kill us probably!

Hi Beatrizgil, just happened to come across your post although I see you posted this 8months ago.How are things today?I see you had 19 replies back then, just wondered if you got it sorted now or not.

Unfortunately no. I don’t think there is still a real solution for it but I’m going to my 10th gynaecologist this week. The best one in the country. I’ll keep you posted!

I was told to lie down, too, but said that before I did, I would squat on the couch, because I found that was what made the prolapse stick out more and be noticeable so that the doc could see what I was living with. She yelled, 'Don't stand up on the couch; it wasn't made for that!' But seeing is believing. I am angry, too. Nothing has progressed for me, but I hope it has for you.

BeatrizGil in reply to beatitude

It hasn’t. I’m using thick 100 % very soft cotton pads and baby nappy cream to try and eliminate the rubbing so I have a bit more autonomy walking. I support you doing whatever you need to do to get the doctors work for you and not the other way around. Good luck!

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