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as anyone had this same feeling after op on bladder

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first id like to say hope you all have good year . i had my bladder op it split stright a cross and i had to have stiches in september the 5 week after op i noticed i would have a feeling of a very full bladder it would come on all at once so id rush to the toilet and sometime would leak now its happering at night when im asleep it will eake me up at night and i will get stand up and i feel like my bladder is very full and a feeling that something as drop down wards as i stand up as anyone had this after a bladder op it s three months now since iv had my op and i would of thorght i would not be feeling like this i feel slighty unwell sometime too. should i go doctors or should i give it longer see if it settles down ?

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Definitely go back. I know it’s not easy to see anyone but you must insist. Hope you are sorted soon xx

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