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Just want to connect :)

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Hi! I m 18 and i suffer from painful periods (ugh you know what all this includes :(

From past 6-7 years.. and before that i had one year of normal periods

I think i might have endo and i m seeing gynecologists from 5-6 years now but none seems to understand my condition 😔 also i have been on hormonal therapy twice and now whenever i m on my periods all i do is pop some painkillers that too doesn't help much i also have to rush to the ER on the first day of my periods to get injected with painkillers and vomiting meds i feel like i m getting addicted to painkillers i do not want to be using them i try my best to avoid but i m left with no other options..

The people around me say it's normal uk it's just heart breaking to hear this from the ones that matters the most..

I had to connect with someone who could understand my pain so i joined this platform 🎗 anyone want to connect please share 🙃

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That sounds awful I am so sorry. You must feel desperate. It is not normal! I think you need to see another gynae if you can. I know it is expensive but internet search for recommendations around your area, pay privately if you can. Each gynae will have different specialities. You may even be able to do a phone appointment with one in the UK (I can recommend if that helps DM me) to get more understanding and recommendations to take to your own choice of gynae in India.

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Thank you so much for taking time out to read and reply 🥺 i really lacked hope to try out another gynae but i will def book yet another appointment (one said she suspects it may be endo i hope she can be helpful) and if that not works too i look forward to some recommendations. Xx

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Do let us know how you get on. Also maybe ask about polycystic ovary syndrome. I don't know how much pain that can cause but always worth looking at all possibilities. GOOD LUCK! x

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Sure i will. Thank you for your suggestion! Positive vibes. ^_^

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I have P.C.O but not the syndrome and l have always had period pain l did take the pill and that did help.

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Glad that works for you. But it didn't work for me :\

Have you tried the birth control pil contiously, so without stopping for a week.

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I did try the birth control pill twice. Once for three months and the other for nine months. After the first time i used these my pain was better for 2 3 months but after that the symptoms became even worse and now i suffered from aches, off mood all the month..after the second time my pain was a bit better for few months then it again got back the same..which is now :(

I used to have this and now I found out it was probably due to Tarlov cysts on my spine. Hope you get answers, take care.Suzie

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Thank you so much! And it is comforting to know you are not alone ^_^ Hope you are doing fine..Xx

Greetings, may I suggest you see a nutritionist or ecological doctor. There is a list of them.

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