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Pain Problem.

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I was diagnosed with womb prolapse in March. waiting for a gynae appointment, I have a lot of low back pain and pain in my legs. feel like I an having a heavy period. worse in bed at night. Is this to be expected.? never had a gynae problem before. 78 years old and fit. but can only walk short distance now. The GP Tried inserting pessary 3 times, they never worked. Do not want pessary, surgery if possible.

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Any prolapse will cause back, pelvic and leg pain, it can be relentless and pretty awful to live with. Hope you get your appt soon but you need to pick the right Gynae!

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lukeandlily in reply to bantam12

Thank you for your post. feel lack of any information from the medics. pick the right gynae? how can you on the nhs?

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bantam12 in reply to lukeandlily

You can check which Gynaes have a special interest in prolapse, if there's no info on the NHS hospital site check if that Gynae also works at private hospitals as they show consultant profiles and you can then see if prolapse is something they treat. Other way to check is call consultants secretary and ask.

I’m 74 and I just had a first pessary fitted over a week ago, and agree there is a lack of info in uk, apart from researching your self and following nhs guidelines for kegel exercises. Basically see how it goes and come back in 6months to change it. However I don’t feel happy with it, I have a left side below waist more like a burning pain/hip pain, not sure if related…most times feel a need to check where it is after loo. Should it be in a constant position? Sometimes it’s high up, other times low and can push up, then there’s some part feels like escaping from behind the pessary. Trying not to obsess about it, hard to forget that there’s a foreign plastic bit in my body! Think I will go back to have it checked out but know they are busy, getting an appt with a gynaecologist will prob be 6months too, tho think going private is the only way to find the right dr.

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lukeandlily in reply to Nikul

Thanks Nikul. doctors tried three times to fit a pessary in,they all came out the same day. so referral to NHS. So paid to see gynae private. Not much help. and i now have an nhs appointment with same man. ?? he said private consultation cannot be related to your NHS referral. because of covid. so frustrated.

Hi Nikul, It sounds as though you probably need a larger pessary. I am a similar age to you and have been using a pessary for about 8 years. It took a few goes to get the right size, I initially had similar problems to you, but the one I have now works 100%. It stays put, and I can't feel it at all. So don't give up and good luck.

Hi ..dejng with a prolapse of any kind is very upsetting I've had a bladder prolapse for 8 yrs sometimes it's got so bad I felt it coming out and also bowel when pushing on the need to keep your bowel open as any pushing will make it worse ..I've been taking high level good quality collegan and vit d plus bought a kegal 8 which when its bad I use each day I'm 62 and just gone back on hrt as its the lack of estrogen which causes your pelvic floor to weaken..I'm not sure because of your age if they would allow this however my private gynie said as long as u are checked regular and have no cancer in your family history the plus outweighs the risks if you can find a gynie who supports hrt you can ask ..if I hadn't found out about the kegal 8 and the collegan etc and hrt I would have had to have a prolapse repair years ago...Good luck x

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pizon in reply to MOLLYMILO007

Please tell me what is the legal 8

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MOLLYMILO007 in reply to pizon

A electronic pelvic floor exerciser it stimulates your pelvic floor to strengthen works wonders ..def recommend the ultra 20 on the website or ebay good luck ..pls try it x

Hi Mollymil0007 I have looked at these exercise products. the electric one worked for you. feel tempted to try. they are expensive. which model did you have?

Kegal ultra 20 u need to use everyday until you feel the improvement then maybe once a week ..u can buy on ebay and get a new probe they run by battery not electric ...Good luck x

Oh dear! It’s all very depressing! Trying to make an appointment with dr that fitted it!! How can life get back to normal when have to be on mob listening for call all day or on hold trying to get an appointment. Only consolation is it could be darn worse,but do feel quality of life is decending…..trying to keep smiling!!!

I discovered a prolapse three years ago and with little help from the NHS I researched online and discovered natural sponges. I’ve been doing this ever since with success. Previous post pasted below:

You can get sponges as menstrual tampons or specially for prolapse. The prolapse ones look far too big to me. Mine are only about 5cm in all directions but the main advantage is that no matter what size you buy they can be trimmed to size. You can get them with or without strings attached (like a tampon). Here is a link to some with string already attached.

I have bought natural silk fina sponges and attached dental floss using a darning needle. You can replace the "string" when it looks a bit past it. If you do it this way (much cheaper so you an have lots of them) soak the sponge and feel them all over to make very sure the sponges are free from any little bits of grit from the ocean!!

The same website also tells you how to look after the sponges.

Every evening(I don’t use one over night as I feel this lets things breathe and gravity is not against you at night) I clean that day's sponge with unscented soap. Then every 4 days use baking soda (1 heaped teaspoon to a mug of warm water) to soak the last 4 sponges whilst getting washed and dressed then rinse and squeeze them out and hang them in a mesh laundry bag to air dry. You soon get into a routine for cleaning them angd it only takes a few minutes.

When using a sponge remember to squeeze it out in water first to make it soft then I put a little bit of coconut oil on it and also a little around the entrance of the vagina to help get the sponge in. It's a bit strange to start with but you get to know the angle and where it needs to sit. My first try was a disaster and it felt really scratchy but I tried again a few weeks later and took a bit more care and it was fine. Some days it's so comfortable I forget it's there and some days the sponge slips a bit and feels uncomfortable - maybe the sponge is too small or too big or maybe it's not in right. Whatever, it gives me confidence that my insides can't escape and gives me time to work on the exercises that might work long term.

My mum had prolapse and the best option was surgery. She had it twice. First one when she was 55 and second one at 63 years old. She’s 78 now and not complain at all. I hope you feel better soon and have the right treatment for you. Best wishes

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pizon in reply to Daly-

Hi Daly just wondering why did Mum have to have a second surgery? I too had the lifted bladder prolapse repair surgery done at 55 and it has left me with nerve damage I would like to avoid a second repair thank uou

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Daly- in reply to pizon

Hi. My mum had a second operation because she was feeling uncomfortable again Apparently prolapse problems backed but after this not more bother (15 years later no more problems).

Do you know how she prolapsed again? Did she do something or did they use mesh? Thank you for getting back to me

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