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5-10 minutes after bowel movement omg the pain! IT'S EXACTLY LIKE A CHARLIE HORSE INSIDE YOUR LOWER RECTUM...UNBEAREABLE

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THANK YOU FOR ALL THE KIND THOUGHTS AND HELPFUL TIPS..... NOW THE ISSUE REALLY IS,,, AS SOON AS I HAVE A BOWEL MOVEMENT...5-10 MIN LATER THIS ACHING CHARLE HORSE STARTS AND GETS WORSE AND WORSE SOMETIMES LASTING FOR AS LONG AS 8-10 HOURS AND THATS WITH MEDICATION,,,,,, I'M WEANING OFF THE HYDROMORPHONE and all Pain meds as I don't THNIK THEY DO MUCH WITH THIS KIND OF PAIN! WISH THEY WOULD OKAY A BOTOX SHOT INTO THAT SPHINCTER BUT INSURANCE SAYS NO!!!! of course!!!!! I'VE BEEN ON on lyrica and cymbals forever. I think I need a strong relaxant like maybe valium to take maybe 1/2 hour before I think I need to go ... maybe if its already in my system it would stop the spasm Charlie horse in the right sphincter before it can get bad,,

As IF THIS ALONE ISN'T BAD ENOUGH RUINING MY MARRIAGE, LOSING ALL MY SAVINGS, LOSING MANY OF MY FRIENDS,,,,,,,.I'm a world class pianist and I can't sit down!!!!!!!!!!! Plus some jerk hit me on the highway and sprained my right hand in the accident!!!! the cards gotta change!,,, I'm praying hard to God. If you have any thoughts that you think might help please send me a note.....YOU ARE ALL SO BRAVE IN DEALING WITH SOMETHING THAT NO ONE HAS ANY IDEA OF HOW BAD IT HURTS OR THE HELPLESSNESS OF HEARING ...." SORRY THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN DO 1000 TIMES " ........I PRAY GOD HEALS ALL OF US IN THE NAME OF HIS SON Jesus Christ!....FEEL BETTER EVERY ONE! LETS ALL REMEMBER EACH OTHER IN OUR PRAYERS EACH DAY,,,,,, GOD MUST WANT TO HEAL US!!!!!!

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There's many of us that have this problem. As soon as you feel the pain start, get a small rubber ball - or I use a roll up pair of socks - and sit on it right where the pain is. Rotate on whatever you'e using, applying pressure on the really sore area. It should help.

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thank you so much ..I have just the ball to try it with!~ I 'll let you know,,,thanks!~Al

and why does the ball help ?

My guess that's it's just like when you get a Charlie horse in your leg - the first thing you do is try and relax the muscle by massaging it to unlock the muscle. By sitting on the ball or a roll of socks and moving side to side, it helps release the tighten muscles. The small ball just seems to hit the right spot in the anus.

Are you diagnosed with Levator ani?

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been diagnosed with everything!!!! that included!

Mine isn’t as severe but I have extremely sharp pain in groin area while having bowl movements makes me not want to go 😳😢but I feel you we are all going through hell I’m just so happy there are websites like this and people who understand and listen 🙏🏻I hope u get better soon

I have found that sitting on a heating pad as soon as possible helps so much. I also take tizanidine, prescribed by my neurologist, as quick as possible. These two things work every time. Best of luck!

I can so relate.

Look up pudendal neuralgia.

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That was 2 years ago ...had 2 pudendal nerve blocks... nothing!!!! thanks for suggesting though! al

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