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adhesion and pain management in pregnancy


hi im in a lot of pain in early pregnancy caused by adhesions all over adbomen and bowel in the wrong place. Im wondering what to take for pain relief? It seems the only safe thing is paracetemol which doesn't touch it or codine (makes me really sick) so are there other options or will i just be left bed bound for next 7 months as thats where im at right now :(

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You would be best getting advice from your midwife or obstetrician.

ellieRyder in reply to bantam12

i wont see a midwife for another 4-5 weeks. ive been seen by early pregnancy unit but they seem to think codine or tramadol are the only options x

I do know that my hospital said you me if it gets unbearable I'll be referred to surgeons. Not sure what they'd do but maybe see if you can have a chat and see if there's anything else they can do xx

thanks i spoke this morning they just said the only option is codine or tramadol. just feel like surely there must be other options as these are potentially unsafe for pregnancy xx

I don't think there is much they can do hun. Unless they went in and operated and released the adhesions coz when were not pregnant that's the only option apart from trying to manage the pain with pain killers, massage is another option but that's not much good now either. There is another massage that can help break them up but not sure if that's ok in pregnancy and drs definitely wont recommend it. I know it is agony i think to myself its too much but i really don't think there's anything apart from surgery or trying to manage it with heat, relaxation techniques or pain killers which i know just make us feel worse. Have you tried a support belt that might help a little although i doubt much Xx

bantam12 in reply to ellieRyder

Do you definitely know it's adhesions and where they are attached ? Seems a bit odd to be in so much pain in early pregnancy as the uterus won't have increased in size yet. I think your options are limited to prescribed pain relief as surgery would be to risky.

Its seems odd but it isn't that odd, my adhesions are in the same place and around the abdomen and i suffer really bad pain without being pregnant has a bad affect on my mobility digestion toilet etc. The hormones wont be helping at this stage she's at due to bloating and the digestion being so slow which exaceberates the pain more. X

I also have adhesions and have done for many years, currently deciding whether it's worth having surgery yet again as they only come back and worse each time. I did have adhesions and a fibroid with my 3rd pregnancy but luckily didn't cause much of a problem.

Surgery is pointless in my opinion when they've done surgery on me its caused bowel obstruction and made matters worse. According to the medics fibroids don't cause pain. I know that's untrue because lots of women Suffer with pain due to fibroids. Yes it does seem like your one of the lucky ones. I've had 2 prior full term pregnancies before this one and they weren't painful at all this one is immensly and that is due to the 3 emergency surgeries i had just after my son was born and the numerous infections. I also have Endo too not sure if that plays a part as i feel my Endo symptoms lessen during pregnancy. X

Surgery isn't pointless if there is no other option, I have some adhesions that are potentially going to cause a serious problem so I either risk it and do nothing or risk it and have them removed, my Gynae isn't even sure she can do them so not an easy decision.

I think the only reason surgery isn't pointless is if its going to save your life. E.g your having an obstruction due to them. Like you said more surgery causes more adhesions. Have you looked into serrapeptase and other enzymes that can eat away at fibrin? X

I have multiple medical issues and take anticoagulants so serrapeptase is not an option but thanks anyway.

yes its really strong the pain now. really not coping but feel stuck as i dont want to take anything to harm the baby but equally i can barely walk so cant stay like this much longer

Bless you lovely i really know how you feel. Have u got a walking aid? Heat patches you can apply to ease it. I know itv wont entirely go anything to ease and potentially help is worth a go. Sending you a virtual hug 💗😘

thanks hun been so upset as im struggling to cope. just paracetemol and hot water bottles at the min just feel like my insides under attack :(

Have you been out for some fresh air. I know its hard i haven't been out for two weeks and i know a walking aid isn't a glamourous look, but maybe get one or have your partner help you and get a change of scenary. Can help in terms of getting depressed and low with it all. Just do it at your own pace x

thanks hun i did try yesterday then had an awful night awake all night felt like my insides were being chopped up. can hardly move now. really wish there was more options to help with it as must be not that rare for people although i dont know

Awwww bless you!!Im not sure how rare it is hun but like the lady bantam12 said before she's got adhesions and they haven't caused her so much pain. I think it varys and all depends where they are etc. Skye22 mentioned that massage i was talking about. There's nothing in terms of prescription medicine. Tbh i never heard of adhesions till i was in agony with my Endo and when they did the lap the diagnosed extensive adhesions i had a huge band going all the way down from belly button to bowel which they wouldn't touch and now its got so much more worse 3 surgeries later and lots of abdominal infections. It is a nightmare. But if your health allows once you've had baby look into the enzymes that can eat away at fibrin and the massage that can help loosen them up. Wish i could tell something more that would help you. 💗😘

ellieRyder in reply to bantam12

thanks yes they have done loads of tests and ruled out everything else but they know i have a lot of adhesions so they think it is that. yes i know i would think if scar tissue would be more an issue at the end of the pregnancy but its frightening as i think if pain this bad now how bad will it get later x

My physio does Visceral abdominal massage which really helps with my adhesions pain. Hope you get something that helps

ellieRyder in reply to Skye22

thank you xx

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