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Any advice on PN Block


Pudendal Nerve Block - I am having this procedure tomorrow - just a tad nervous - reading all the comments on here, I am not expecting miracles.

My problems started three years ago after zip wiring - but maybe I was a bit daft at 70 years of age.

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Succes with the procedure ! I hope it bring enlightment

Best of luck! I will have the same procedure in September, looking forward to hearing how it goes. My understanding is that the very first block doesn't have much of an effect, and that in most cases you need a few more (2 or 3) to experience a reduction of pain, and that in any case is successful for around 1/3 to 2/3 of people with pudendal neuralgia. Stay positive, keeping my fingers crossed!

Don’t let there scare you, every doctor is different. Mine wasn’t bad and I had prf earlier this week and I hardly felt anything. Not a good sign either.

If the block is done with imaging into the nerve roots via your buttock AND both anaesthetic and steroid are used, you’re hoping for a reduction in pain.

If you can sit pain free the block has worked. If it’s stopped the burning pain the block has worked.

This proves the pudendal nerve is the culprit.

Blocks are a diagnostic tool. They are not meant to last.

FROSTY25 in reply to Konagirl60

Thank you for this information - I had it done this morning but my doctor will not use steroids whilst there are Coronavirus issues - not sure why but I guess she has her reasons.

My experience was fairly painless and not unpleasant - I now have numbness in the pelvic area which has spread to back of thighs, so a bit wobbly on my feet, which they explained can happen. I am still more comfortable if sitting on ice but will maybe know more when the numbness wears off.

If it is not the pudendal nerve, could it be damaged tendons in the sitting bones and do you know of any treatment for that?

AuntieH in reply to FROSTY25

Hi Frosty, my worst pain is at inner side of left sitz bone. When I had a diagnostic pudendal nerve block at the ischial spine in the buttocks, I was able to sit pain free for 6 hours without any other pain meds. Doctor said that is positive for the pudendal nerve to be involved.

FROSTY25 in reply to AuntieH

Wow - that gives me some hope! Thank you so much.

anna1234567 in reply to AuntieH

Exactly my spot

FROSTY25 in reply to anna1234567

Had it three years now but battling on.

Thank goodness for ice packs !

AuntieH in reply to anna1234567

Have you tried xanax? I took 0.5mg last night at 10 and was able to sleep pain free thru the night. I also started pelvic floor physical therapy 4 weeks ago.

FROSTY25 in reply to AuntieH

That's brilliant - I have actually realised that I have been more comfortable today than for three years ! I don't have trouble at night - only sitting - so fingers crossed.... so pleased you have found some relief.

AuntieH in reply to FROSTY25

Thanks, Frosty. That's pretty cool that you went ziplining at 67. I'm 65 and have always been too chicken to try it. We've been to many places in the Caribbean where they offer it, but I prefer to keep at least one foot on the ground at all times unless flying of course.😎 I'm glad you're feeling more comfortable. If only we could all sit for as long as we want again with no pain. That would be a dream and many, many, many prayers answers!

In my case, the distal part of my right pudendal nerve was stuck onto my sacrosphinous ligament and I needed decompression surgery.

My doctors in Canada had no clue what they were doing. I was dismissed, misdiagnosed, given wrong nerve blocks, over medicated and sedated and left to almost die from severe sleep deprivation and untreated pinched nerve pain.

I had to hire and pay a registered nurse consultant to get to the states for surgery. It’s not available in Canada. I had it 3.5 years too late so I’m still suffering but not nearly as bad as I was pre-operatively.

A smart neurologist in Toronto referred me to the American doctor. The neurologist and neurosurgeon in BC Canada brushed me off. The pain specialist was the most malevolent woman and person I’ve ever met. I was tortured.

FROSTY25 in reply to Konagirl60

Oh my goodness - what a horrendous experience - do you have any idea what caused it in the first place?

I blame it all on the way women are designed. Men have a better deal with outside plumbing!

I like your humour!

I had a tubal ligation with titanium metal Filshie clips in 1998. I wasn’t given an Informed Consent. The gynaecologists’ know these clips fall off and can migrate. My gynaecologist told me they were safe. NOT.

25% of women have the clips migrate to the abdomen, intestines, bladder, rectum and anus. The literature states that 0.1-06% of the time the clip ends up causing chronic pain.

Ten years after my surgery I started getting a tingling sensation in my rectum. It was only after long drives and it was persistent. I mentioned this to my doctor who suggested I have a colonoscopy. The diagnosis going into the procedure was tenesmus. I don’t know why that was stated? I had no problems with gas, constipation or bloating.

Ten months after that, I couldn’t sit. The US surgeon thinks the procedure made a clip that was on my rectum become embedded or moved such that it stretched the pudendal nerve and caused my neuropathy.

They saw the clip on an MRI but didn’t report it. They should have had it removed. Instead they covered it up and said I had a mental health problem.

I was left in agony for years. I lost cognitive function. Thank goodness for neuroplasticity. I almost died. I can’t get justice.

Single woman and single Mothers I find are mistreated and not respected. I was slandered in the highest degree. The pain specialist actually wrote in her first consult note that I had had several lovers since my husband walked out on me! What kind of a judgement is that?! It was false and it was utter nonsense. Why was this in a medical consult note? I divorced my husband. He was terribly abusive.

I wasn’t given medical care. I was punished for being a single 51 year old attractive woman who had one partner! I didn’t want to get married again for financial reasons. Doctors don’t respect unmarried women.

FROSTY25 in reply to Konagirl60

I can not begin to imagine the pain you have suffered, both physically and mentally-it makes me feel like a fraud - it seems getting a proper diagnosis is key.

I have had great care from our UK NHS who I feel have done their utmost to address my problems.

Integrity and honesty in health care professionals is absolutely crucial - it seems you were badly treated.

How are you now?

I’m okay but I’m in a flare. Whenever I drive or go for a brisk walk, the nerve acts up. I’m having a restful day.

FROSTY25 in reply to Konagirl60

Hang on in there - you have achieved so much.

I really wish you better.

Thank you so much.

Hi. I think I may have pudendal neuralgia/entrapment and am based in the UK. Could you share which hospital/doctor undertook your treatment? Thanks

FROSTY25 in reply to Billykins

Sure - Dr. Block (great name she has!) Ashford Middlesex and St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey, Middlesex.

Wish I could say I was better but am not really .....

Thank you for this, the drs name made me smile. I'm sorry to hear you've not improved though. I do hope you get some further help very soon.

Hi Frosty25 I was wondering if your pudenal nerve block was successful and how you are feeling? I also have pudenal neuropathy. Thanks

Unfortunately no change but I am not convinced that it is pudendal neuralgia.

It is the sitting bones that hurt so it could be tendon damage I am told for which there does not seem to be a definitive solution.....

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