Numbness in foot after pn block?

Has anyone had numbness in the foot after a pn block? I'm in hospital had mine yesterday and can not feel my foot or walk. My dr didn't warn me of this, it's the middle of the night and the dr is not coming until the morning but I'm literally panicking that this is permanent. The nurses are no help in calming me down, I'm so scared, can't believe this has happen.

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  • Have Faith dear that it is not permanent,and will go right it is early days ..stay calm and rest

    .I will pray for you stay calm and be strong Love and healing ...Margaret big hug

  • Thank you, I just wasn't told this may happen and I was so scared overnight it's started to wear off now but was a horrible feeling. I don't think the dr gained informed consent as he didn't mention this as a possible side effect.

  • Hello I am so happy to hear from you ...I pray it will go forward and good from now on.... Hugs Margaret keep the faith

  • Thank you xx

  • I had an anesthetic nerve block on Monday.when I stood up after the doctor asked me to stand up on tip toe which I did. He said good. I didn't ask why he asked me to do this but I'm guessing it was check my feet were OK. Perhaps it's possible that your block didn't completely go into the PN nerve and maybe spread into another nerve? Was it done under CT guidance?

    I'm only guessing but I shouldn't worry about it being permanent. The blocks are only temporary and will wear off. I drove home after mine,and I only had pain relief for about an hour and a half after.

    Take care and get better soon xx

  • Thanks, no not ct guided, he said it's the same block they give in second stage of labour for episiotomy. It's started to wear off now, was the most awful feeling worse than the spinal for a c section because at least numbness of the legs is expected with that. I had to stay in hospital overnight as I literally could not walk. Dr came back this morning and almost looked like he didn't believe me! I said is it possible you got my sciatic nerve too? He said that he was nowhere near the sciatic nerve and the needle wouldn't reach that far but the pn doesn't go to the feet! I feel completely fobbed off, all I know is I don't ever want another. My hip still feels like jelly and still have pins and needles in my foot. He tested my reflexes and said they are normal.

  • Have you had blocks before, did you get any relief ? Did he use steroids too?

  • No this was my first one. Doctor was doing it as a diagonisis for PN.

    It was just anesthetic,no steroid.

    They got me to sit in the waiting room for half hour after before I could go. I could sit ok but was aching at the top of my buttocks.Think it was just from where the needles had gone in. I'm normally aching lower down by my sit bones.

    But then I had to drive for over an hour and half to get home and on the journey back my bones in my pelvis were didn't get relief for long. I think if I hadn't of had to sit in the car straight after the pain relief might of lasted longer.

    I didn't have the tingling,cramping feeling I normally get in my buttocks and backs of thighs after just aching bones.

    The next morning I felt fine.The tenderness had gone from where I'd been injected but PN pain was back to normal.

    I'm not sure what happens next. He's going to ring me after xmas to see how I was.

    Have you had a block before? Xx

  • I had a very numb left leg that started four days after a pudendal nerve block. Like you I was panicky when it started up, but don't worry it did wear off. Even though they injected steroids as well as local anesthetic I have had no improvement in my symptoms :(.

    I too am suffering from a lack of follow up at the moment, so still feel stuck with the same worry, irritating pain and discomfort, and inability to get back to exercising. Very horrible and frustrating condition. Take care x

  • Thanks, it has mostly worn off now, I just wish they had told me it may happen! It was very scary.

  • I am three days post pudendal nerve block with steroids and my foot and leg are numb. Just started today as I said three days after block. I know your post is old but if you see this can you tell me how long it lasted? Of course I feel panicky about it. Thank you

  • Hi my numbness lasted about 24hrs. I hope it goes away for you soon, very scary but afterwards the Dr said it's common and not permanent. Hope the block works for you. So far I've been about 12mths mostly pain free x

  • Ok thanks mine didn't start till the evening two days after the block. I wasn't that worried about it thought my legs were just tired so I went to bed. But now I'm at day four after and still not good so am getting panicky. That's awesome that you have had 12months of relief!

  • I had the block under a ct guided scan and was told beforehand that on occasion a tiny bit can leak onto the sciatic nerve causing temporary problems with walking. I went ahead and had no problems at all but can only imagine your terror when this happened without any fore warning! Poor you. I hope all has sorted out now. I had previously had 'blocks' without any guided scan which sounded a bit random and none of them worked which I realise now, is hardly surprising. The ct scan shows exactly where to put the block.

  • I asked the dr if he could have got my sciatic nerve and he said no, but what else could it be!!

  • Hi, I had a PN block done and was warned of the same. Hopefully it's only temporary and will go away in a day... I know it's super hard cause I suffer from chronic pelvis pain, pudendal neurolgia but panicing will only make you worse. Try and calm yourself, call or speak to a family member.... Say a prayer ... I'll pray for you too... You'll be fine.

  • When I was in recovery the other day for botox injections, a lady next to me with endometriosis came out with numb legs. She said the same thing happened to her last time when she had botox injections and pudendal nerve block. But she said things did return to normal last time. So it could be just some reaction that returns to normal.

  • Thanks for that, my legs have returned to normal now. Spoke to my dr who was supposed to do the procedure but couldn't cause she had eye surgery. She said it happens sometimes the longest she has known is 5 days. She said its if the anaesthetic gets the obturator nerve.

  • Hi! I got your message 20 days ago but it would not let me reply. I am 10 on a 10 pain scale thanks for asking. :). How did the Botox work?

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