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PFD and constipation

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I've been diagnosed with pelvic floor disorder mainly right sided with pain in right sit bone with diffiiculty sitting or standing too long. My question is how does anybody deal with the constipation that accompanies this condition? I was using cascara sagrada that was working great for about a year but all of a sudden stopped being effective. I just had to go to a local Mash center because of left side pain and inability to go and they took x-rays which showed me completely backed up. They had me drink 3 bottles of mag citrate which cleared me out but I'm right back to having a hard time going. Is it ok to keep using the mag citrate or does anyone have a suggestion on alternative solutions? I have an appointment with my GI early Jan to hopefully get back to being regular.

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Have you tried Prunes,best to try to use food,try fruits like raspberries black grapes,strawberries.

I have same issue. Right now I alternate between taking magnesium citrate supplements and suppositories. Drink more water than you possibly can imagine and pray!


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Konagirl60 in reply to Fredna

Exactly.....drink water.

Magnesium bisglycinate may help....200 mg a day.

Aloe Vera juice helps comstipation.

Prune juice is can buy it in large bottles. Bran flakes / bran for breakfast and live yoggurt with cultures (bacteria). When I want a quick solution I use microlax enemas.

Have you tried psyllium seeds/husks? You take them in water and need to drink plenty of water afterwards. Taken on an empty stomach, it leads to softening of the stool and regulates in general if taken regularly.

Together with prunes etc. this could be helpful.

I was diagnosed with PFD a year ago and have tried everything. Prunes, linseed, bran etc but my body seem to adjust to all of it eventually. Too much fibre just means I have more to pass which is really difficult. I have been taking magnesium citrate and it is the only thing that works but I do have to increase the dose after a while. There are many people on these forums that have been using it for years and you can get your magnesium levels checked if you are worried. I have used suppositories but they dont work so well anymore so I am now trying rectal irrigation which I hate and it doesn't work too well all the time. Just keep hoping something will work one day. Horrible condition.

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Konagirl60 in reply to JeanyB

Have you tried aloe Vera juice? It’s amazing!

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JeanyB in reply to Konagirl60

I have tried it in capsules and no help. I will happily try the juice thanks for the advice. Maybe clancemandoo could try it too.

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Fredna in reply to Konagirl60

Does it taste bad?


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Konagirl60 in reply to Fredna

There are flavoured aloe Vera juices, mango, lime.

Anal irrigation. My colorectal surgeon arranged it. Not difficult at all with the new Peristeen system (Google it). All the best.

Sorry, didn't see your earlier post. Are you using Peristeen?

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JeanyB in reply to doctorjudi

I am using Nirvana Classic. Hardly any different to Peristeen. Worked really well for a few months but not so great now unfortunately. Hoping to try Biofeedback in the new year but long waiting list.

I've tried just about everything, the mag citrate works but it's like peeing out your butt and that isn't what I'd call regular. It feels like I need to go but only tiny bits come out, never empties.

I use Cosmocol (brand name, available on prescription in UK). Before this I had constipation for 2 years. I was already drinking a lot of water and having a high fibre diet before it started, and none of the common remedies made much difference. Also, I use a "squatty potty" (look up on Amazon) after someone recommended it. It changes your position to more like a squat when you open your bowels. This means that your colon is straight, making it easier to pass.

Try Miralax. It’s a stool softener. You can put it in your coffee or tea first thing n the morning. My doc told me that unlike laxatives, it was safe to use every day. Some people have to use it twice a day but you have to work out how much you personally need. You might get by with half a dose. It’s a tasteless powder so manipulating the dose is easy..

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