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Should I be worried?

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I have been having troubles with my periods since they first started at the age of 16.

I went for checks and they couldn’t find the source but I was prescribed Mefenamic Acid. It helped for a while but my periods got that bad I began to have explosive diarrhoea and was vomiting because of the pain. I went back to gynaecology and they perform a laparoscopy which came back that everything was okay. I had a CT scan done and it came back that I had a bulky uterus but it was left there. The consultant told me it could be an indication of Adenomyosis. I had a ultrasound and that came back normal. I had some irregular bleeding after sex and in between periods so was examined by my gp. He said my cervix looked inflamed and sent me to the colposcopy clinic. I had a smear done and biopsy taken. The smear was negative but there was a a note made of Koilycytes that they found. They said it was nothing to be too concerned about. Since then the problems have still persisted and I’m at a loss of what to do really. I now have it in my head that it could be cervical cancer. I’m only 24 but I suffer back pain, leg pain and terrible terrible periods. I was just wondering if you could offer some words of advice about what to do.

Many thanks


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Your problems started at such a young age I am so sorry. Sometimes levonorgestrel-releasing IUD helps with Adenomyosis. Koilocytes, develop after a (HPV) infection. It would be super important to get your Pap smears done regularly. Did they check your ovaries? Do you have or want children? I could not tell. If you are worried about cervical cancer tell them you would like a recheck. It is one of those easily treated cancers if caught early. It is hard to get answers, I know.

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I had an ultrasound and they said my ovaries look ok.

I’ve been hopping from doctors to doctors today trying to get some answers.

I’ve booked my smear for the 19th of this month which is the earliest appointment I can get but know I won’t get the results back until after Christmas and I am too worried and anxious about everything that I have stupidly began to not function and just can’t stop crying. The gynaecologist never requested that I go for regular smears and I always questioned this.

Just don’t know what to do. :(

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Monique1649 in reply to SLV94

How are you doing now?

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It’s sounds like you are full on panicking. Please....try to relax Stress will make everything worse. I know you are scared.

I am a 61 year old woman who never was infected with HPV. In my fourties, and being sexual with one partner for ten years ( never multiple partners..... not my style ) my Pap test came back with moderate dysplasia.

I had the colposcopy and a year later my Pap test was back to normal.

Koilocytes do occur after HPV infection. Have you been tested for HPV? Apparently there is a test that can be done to find out.

Is the bleeding after intercourse really heavy? Do you need to use a tampon or pad? That isn’t normal.

Before I read your note I googled koilocyte.

Check your panties for a change in vaginal secretion or discharge. That can be a sign of infection if it changes colour.

Your back and leg pain may subside with Epsom salt baths ( magnesium sulphate relaxes muscles ) and magnesium spray.

A probiotic might assist your intestinal tract to heal. HPV is a viral infection and your body’s immune system had to fight it. Try taking some vitamin C and zinc. Keep us posted.

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SLV94 in reply to Konagirl60

I haven’t had a test to find out but I presume I got rid of the infection only being left with koilycytes? Or is this not true?

It’s only spotting in between my periods after sex.

I always think the worse and know that many people under 25 have got cervical cancer.

I know it’s rare but if I only had my smear 16 months ago should I wait for another when I’m 25?

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Konagirl60 in reply to SLV94

Once a year is normal here.

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SLV94 in reply to Konagirl60

Where do you live?

I’m in the Uk.

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Konagirl60 in reply to SLV94


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