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I have a prolaspe bladder and womb i get terrible pain i was offered a ring to keep it in place but i said i would wait i have terrible panic attacks because i had a blood clot on my lung 25 years ago and nearly died so i panic about everything i have read quiet a few people have had problems with the ring can anyone give advice

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I would definitely go to get the ring in I had mine in for 6mths brilliant no pain then I decided to go for operation to put my prolapse up biggest mistake of my life I’ve been to hell and back I’m constantly in pain in my right buttock and I’m on 300mg pagagenton and I’m left with a trapped nerve in my bottom I wished I never took the pessarie out and gone for the operation but everyone is different good luck sweetheart x

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lots of people had similar experience and I think ring pessaries are underrated . I am sorry xx

I have had a ring peasant fitted now for a couple of months for a vaginal prolapse. Insertion by the practice nurse was painless and so far it has done the trick and I am symptom free though it was never painful just uncomfortable.

I was anxious about having a pessary fitted for a while and hated the idea of having a foreign body inside me so it took me a while to take the plunge but decided I would just give it a try. So far so good.

Don't be worried about the pessary rings it may be uncomfortable to be put in the first time, but think of the alternative, major surgery! Go for the pessary, take deep breaths and I promise the fitting will take seconds/minutes and you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

Many people say this.

i probably need the pessary like you.

if it takes the pain away your laughing and just think you'll have your life back..

i researched the alternatives and this is the least invasive method.

does anyone know if this pessary is like the 'diaphram' birth control method in the 60's

the worst part of that was climbing out of bed in the freezing cold.

a spermicide from a tube had to be evenly spread in the dark and then press it into a sausage shape to put it in place,it was like squeezing a wet bar of soap that would shoot out of your grasp into the cold night air.tal k about passion dampner !!

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Im going to get pressire fitted next week but im dreading it but im in agony so having to do something my husband said im driving him mad because im always saying im in agony but he doesnt have the pain

I’ve been using pessaries for the past 3 months or so. I started with a ring, then went to donut, after that inflatoball, gellhorn, and cube. I love the gellhorn for my rectocele. Great support and reduction of symptoms. I’m having surgery on Nov 27 to repair rectocele. It’s just driving me crazy. If you don’t like the way one pessary feels, try different types until you’re comfortable. It’s definitely an art to get fitted for one, not science.

Please let us know how you get on with the op xx

I will. I was able to move my op up to October 31. I’m so ready. Tired of splinting to do anything in the bathroom.

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