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Hi I'm Corinneanne, I have just seen my GP, she has diagnosed me as having a prolapsed womb, I have had speedy referral to the hospital, have read some comments on here and am realizing that an operation is not the best thing, as the outcome is not that great...could anyone enlighten me..I have lower back pain, though I do manage life with it, it's a nuisance, though bearable. Be grateful for some feedback

Regard Corinnanne

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Your choices may depend on your age and circumstances. But I would carefully Google posts about any surgeries involving mesh prior to doing anything that drastic. Sometimes special exercises and weight loss help, but not always as I suffered womb prolapse as a thin 20 yrs. old. new mother. Maybe you can locate a gyn provider who specializes in this problem? Beware that many exercises such as jogging have the potential to make this worse.


Thank you for your valid advice, especially as I only started jogging intermittently with walking 2 days ago, so thanks for that, I did wonder today whilst jogging, if it would make my problem worse. My age is 60yrs, I am very active I wouldn't like it any other way..Will a wait to what the gynaecologist have to say, what he or she suggest. I will keep you posted, Thanks again

Kind Regards



Try pelvic floor physical therapist first


Don't do anything until you see a physiotherapist. Apparently, there are many doctors unaware of what can happen to the nerves in that area. Many of us are suffering.


There are other options besides mesh. Find a professional who has lots of experience. Dr. Raz at UCLA in CA doesn't use mesh for repairs, Dr. Zimmern in TX is another physician that never used mesh. There are many nerves in the pelvis, so experience is really needed.


Try not to stand for more than a few minutes, 5 at most. And don't do lifting. And no straining. You can live with this. And it does improve over time if you avoid doing certain things.


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