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Have had a pessary ring fitted since 2009.I was advised to attend Gynocology clinic every 6 months for a replacement ring. atThe hospital . This entailed an inspection of the uturus in case of Infection or an Alcer and inserting anew ring. Was really painful at first but I now use a cream such as replense 2 times a week and just suffer a little discomfort. Being 78 years old I couldn't have a hysterectomy due to a heart problem in 2005. Unless I had an epidural which I discounted.I am fortunate being in the UK as I don't have to pay. I have never been advised to replace the ring myself which I think I could do if requested by my GP. But feel relieved to know that I am receiving the best treatment.

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  • I am glad I read your post. I am in the process of finding a diagnosis and pain relief for pelvic pain. I visited my g p on Monday and she wanted to do internal to see if I needed a gynea referral. She found a prolapse and has arranged for me to have a ring fitted. I didn't get a chance to ask any questions and because I suffer from pelvic floor spasms I am terrified. Are you able to carry on normally with this ring fitted? I am wondering why she didn't ask me if I wanted a repair or hysterectomy as I am 58 years old . Thank you for any advice

  • Hi I understand your worries. It is quite painful but if you use a cream for a few weeks prior to your consultation I use Replense but have had oestrogen cream from my GP. But not too often becausef there is a chance of cancer! I was offered a hysterectomy but as I am 78 and had a heart problem in2005, I was advised to have an epidural which I declined. I was not offered a repair as the prolapse was too far dropped! However I advise you because of your young age to enquire about a hysterectomy. It's a chore having to attend Gynocology clinic every 6 months. Yes you can carry on as normal sometimes causes constipation though . As for the sexual side I wouldn't know asI am on my own and in view of my age.! Best of luck Bailydog.

  • Thank you so much for your kind reply. I actually am getting it fitted on Tuesday which is very quick. It's all happened really quickly and I'm unsure really about having it fitted. As for the sexual side it is still important but as I say she never discussed it. I am seeing a gp next week who will fit the ring so I will ask before getting it done. Il let you know .

  • Sorry I repeated myself Bailydog . Just a thought Replense Cream is available over the counter. Might be an idea to use it before you go, it does help with the discomfort while the ring is fitted. Sometimes it takes several times before they get the correct size. and a visit to the loo is suggested to make sure it doesn't fall out. I hope I have been of some help as it does help if you know what to expect.

  • You have been a brilliant help, thank you. I will buy some cream tomorrow and start using it. Do you use it every day or only when you are getting your pessary fitted . ? Sorry for so many questions

  • Hi Bailydog. No probs. Instructions on box use twice a week in mornings.J tend to use it a few weeks before my appointment for 2 times a week. The doctor will use a cream before inserting the ring as well.Hopes this helps.

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