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prolapsed bladder


Hi everyone,I'm new on here,i've just been diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder grade 2,i was wondering if any one can tell me what is the best treatment for this,thankyou.

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DONT have the operation for this drs tell you you will have a slight pain in your buttock but it’s managable I’ve been to hell and back I’m now left with prudenal neuralgia you would think some one is pushing red hot pokers in my vagina and buttock I’m on pregablon 200mg 3times a day with paracetamol I’ve got to go back to hospital for steroid injection up my virgina next week my sister had to have the same operation as me last week and when she seen the state of me she cancelled her operation I’m a fit healthy 62 year old woman I work 12 hours a day as a cleaner and I feel I can’t see any light st the end of the thnne I’m 5 weeks post operation so if you want my advice don’t have the operation if you can put up using a pessarie up your virgina to support your prolapse do it I wished I did x

stenosis49 in reply to Butch12

Hi Butch12, I totally agree , I had a prolapsed bladder and rectum with a tot /mesh in 2012 eventually I had it removed in 2013 it was hell , I am on 300mg pregabalin twice a day plus 75mg amitriptyline at night its the only meds that help, most definatly without these my life would be unbearable .the tot is a trans obturator tape to support the urethra as I had slight stress incontinent, my surgeon who performed this surgery was incompetent and this was life changing for me. terrible pain in left buttock down my left leg and burning and itching in my vagina. these haven't gone for good but I can honestly say life is better,

cowberry in reply to stenosis49

Please could you indicate where you had your incompetent surgical procedure. Do hope things improve for you, ive heard the pain lessens in time naturally. I do hope so for your sake x

whiskypops77 in reply to Butch12

Thanks for the advice Butch 12, I don't want to go down the operation path,i'm a bit unsure about pessaries as well,i've heard they can cause problems as well,i'm doing the exercises for the time being,but they don't seem to be helping .

Topical oestrogen help strengthen things up, Vagifem is a popular and successful treatment.

Thanks bantam12

Butch12 in reply to whiskypops77

I’ve been back to my dr and the prolapse is back he doesn’t know if it’s my eutorose or bladder that’s fell in to my vergina and this is 5wks pro op got to go back to see gynaecologist on emergency told my doctor he’ll would freeze over before I get that operation done again

whiskypops77 in reply to Butch12

Butch12,i'm so sorry to hear you're having a really bad time,is there nothing that can be done to ease your pain.

ayle in reply to Butch12

Hi Butch. I read that anterior repair for prolapsed bladder has a 41℅ chance of a prolapse reoccurring. I already have pn although I am very fortunate that my pain is concealed with Gabapentin and Amiltriptyline. It makes me wonder what could happen though. So my hopes are on a pessary at the moment. My appt to see a gynae is just 2 weeks away now.

Hello I had a TVT for a prolapse bladder, it is the best thing I have ever had done, my gyno was Mr Monga in Southampton, he is the best, always make sure you get a good surgeon that's the key to any operation being successful good luck, Xxx

whiskypops77 in reply to 12345-

Can I ask what a TVT is 12345,thanks.

12345- in reply to whiskypops77

Tension Vaginal Tape

If you can control your prolapse with a pessarie then do it!! I wish I could have my body rejected them I am 1 and 1/2 yrs out of stage 2 bladder and uteral prolapse repair and was just diagnosed with PN I have been thru hell and back over this time I finally found a Dr out of state that is going to remove some of the stiches close to the nerves and feels I will be 80 to 90% pain free with in 3 to 6 months I agree with Butch12

whiskypops77 in reply to pizon

Can I ask you what a PN is,as i'm new to all of this ,thanks

pizon in reply to whiskypops77

The pudendal nerve is the main nerve of the perineum. It carries sensation from the external genitalia of both sexes and the skin around the anus and perineum, as well the motor supply to various pelvic muscles, including the male or female external urethral sphincter and the external anal sphincter. It hurts to sit and or walk.

pizon in reply to pizon

it also feels like here is a ball in your vag I've had this feeling ever since my repair surgery 1 and 1/2 yrs ago in 2 weeks I will go to have some of the stiches removed that are close to the nerves . I highly recommend a pelvic floor physio I suffered with pelvic floor muscle spasms before my surgery and she got rid of them

I have a uterine and bladder prolapse and my pelvic floor physiotherapist has started me on light strengthening daily she says I can make it better with strengthening but it takes time...I have to go slowly as I have been dealing with pfd for years ....I've had hypertonic pelvic muscles

My dr. says to do pelvic floor exercises for 3 mths ,then she'll refer me to a pelvic floor physio.

Hi whiskey pops. If you can afford it find a pelvic floor physio that is recommended. They can be very helpful and know the right exercises for you. Also look into a yoga or Pilate's teacher who specialises in prolapses ,they can help a lot just don't do regular classes they can do more harm. A grade 2 is still very manageable without surgery. The topical hormone cream as mentioned strengthens the area. Good luck ,hope you find help on this very good site.

Hi everyone - have just found this forum, with relief. Have a large cystocele and have been fitted with pessary size 71 plus Vagifem x2 a week. Both have helped but I am still sore in the vulva area and generally feel unwell- tingling hands and feet too. The gynae said he could see no infection and a urine test proved negative. Waiting to see my gp but it takes ages to get an appointment. I'm 70 and used to being fit and active. Any comments gratefully received.

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