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Prolapse constipation

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Prolapse constipation

Difficulty in emptying my bowels with my vaginal prolapse. Anyone have an answer please ?

16 Replies
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I too sometimes have difficulty. Eat healthy and try not to get constipated. I take a sachet of stool softener daily. Sometimes you might need to put your finger in your vaginal and try and gently push a (poo) lump towards your anus if you have a rectocele or maybe its your uterus pushing against your bowel? Another very good plan is make sure you put your feet on on stool to go. You need your feet higher to make exit more straight. All this to go to the loo! I recently have had a ring pessary from the doctor. Its helping alot!It holds your uterus up stopping horrible lump feelings in vaginal. I wouldn't be without it now. I'm 59 and stopped periods at 57/58 so quite late.

Good luck to you

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Alstromeria in reply to Poppycat999

Thanks Poppycat. I already do all the things you say which makes it very frustrating. Am having another pessary fitted in 10 days which I hope will remain in place

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MOLLYMILO007 in reply to Alstromeria

I have a bladder prolspse but hrt has helped a great deal as reason for prolapse in most cases is lack of estrogen..also eat more fibre fruit etc its awful I know xx

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Poppycat999 in reply to Alstromeria

By the way l also insert vagifem twice weekly so a low dose of estrogen it's in a tablet which you insert with an applicator ( wierd place to take a tablet) 😄

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Alstromeria in reply to Poppycat999

I do that too!

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Hi Alstromeria,

I have had the same symptoms as you for a long time.

Difficulty emptying my bowls, constipation, pain, posterior virginal wall prolapse.

Perineal weakness due to cutting myself during childbirth and not being stitched properly.

I am 6 weeks post surgery today.

I had posterior prolapse correction surgery.

I can truly say surgery was the right path for me.

My journey was a difficult one. I saw three different consultants from 3 different hospitals. I was dismissed, asked to go physio, do pelvic floor exercises. None of which helped.

It took nearly 3years before I finally had the surgery.

My current consultant examined me and he knew what was wrong and said surgery would be the best treatment.

If you still want to have children, surgery is not for you. You should have the surgery after you have had your kids. Child birth might undo the surgery stitches.

I am 35years old.

This made me feel embarrassed for a long time as I could not explain what was hurting to family and friends.

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Alstromeria in reply to Post-recovery

I am 83 years old and think that surgery might be my only option

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Poppycat999 in reply to Alstromeria

Hi it's me again l too take cosmocol sachets l take one a day. Please keep in touch especially if you go down the surgery route. I have an appointment at bladder and bowel clinic soon well l hope its soon.I am also waiting for gynecological appointment. It's good for all us ladies to know this is a fairly common problem. NO you aren't asking too much. I wish you all the best. Please keep in touch.

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Poppycat999 in reply to Poppycat999

Help!Yesterday my ring pessary 64mm with support came down low in my vagina yesterday so l could feel it so l had to put my finger up and pull it out!I have been quite moist lately and wonder if it could make it slip down??

I am slightly overweight (half a stone probably)size 14 bottom half 16 top as 34gg bust so l think this could not help either? Havent been eating quite as healthy because of bank holiday. I feel fed up as l dont feel normal anymore. We have to put it back in now!

Tried yesterday my husband did!! l cant reach so well ( he's very mechanically minded lol)

Damn thing came down about 2 hours later! We think he put it in the right position cos l could just feel edge of it dont know if it was opened out probably from taco shape though? It's been in for 2 weeks from first fitting then doctor checked me toolkit out and put it back in its came down 10 days from then.

What are your experiences please? Hiw do you know when it's in far enough and in right place? Should l push it up a bit when it's in? Dont really want a bigger one.


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I had surgery 14 weeks ago. I am 74 and in the Midlands I was a private patient and after 4 days of no bowel movement was recalled to hospital for an enema. Everything up and working well. now I always have figs and oranges + Lacsidos as a standby incase things start to feel difficult.

Google Lacsido the reviews are very useful. You can take more than 1 a day I was taking 3 with no affect mixed with plain Yogurt and fruit as its not very pleasant to take. Mine was orange flavour. No orange flavour could I detect.

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Alstromeria in reply to Nonfictionreader

I am taking Cosmocol twice a day and have a very good diet. Also walk a lot. I wonder if I am expecting too much at 83

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I too have problems with rectocele prolapse and have severe Dysfunctional bowel.Unfortunately for me laxatives do not work so I have to do daily trans-anal irrigation and manual extraction. Sounds gross but it has just become my normal morning routine.

Hardest part is finding what will be an effective treatment that will work for your needs.

I also get botox injections into pelvic floor and receive treatment from my specialist womens physio. I have found a combination of these treatments has some success.

I wish you good health and hope you find a treatment that will help with your symptoms.

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Post-recovery in reply to Skye22

Hi, Is surgery not a viable option for you?

I can relate to what you are going through.

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Skye22 in reply to Post-recovery

Unfortunately for me surgery is not an option. I have adhesions on bladder, Bowel, abdomen and pelvis after 13 surgeries.Consultant advised that any surgical procedure would be at too high a risk of complications. (unless in an emergency).

I am under "condition management" from my medical team who provide great support and work with me on how to be the best that I can be.

On the good days I celebrate and try to go out for a walk or coffee and cake with my family and friends.

It has taken 30 odd years to get where I am now, my problems started at age 26 when I had a hysterectomy.

I stay strong and enjoy life the best way I can.

Wish you continued good health!!!!!

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I take psyllium capsules daily. 610mg, three at lunch and 3 at dinner. Adjusting as needed to keep the stool very soft so I can go every morning. I also have a bidet with an enema function but usually only use that occasionally to get started or to get the last out. My prolapse is fixed by surgery now so it works better. You can also put a finger or two into your vagina and push a little on the rectal area to help get the last out. Now that my prolapse is fixed that doesn’t work much any more. Psyllium is my savior. I use Swanson. The capsules are a little bigger that Metamucil and cheaper. I get on Amazon or directly from Swanson. Also the capsules do not contain sugar as the powder does. Hope this helps.

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With constipation I find caffeinated coffee and 6-8 soft dried prunes work wonders in the morning.Plenty of water and fruit too.Best wishes Sara

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