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Possible pelvic prolapse

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Sorry if this is a long post!

Almost 3 weeks ago i was in the supermarket and felt something ‘ping’ lower left back / abdomen, and then a constant thud like pain in my lower back.

This has carried on with abdominal period like pain and increased needing to toilet.

Urine samples, dip and lab are negative, i have had a ‘rummage’ and taken some pics (sorry if TMI) and it looks like my cervix is just inside my vagina 😩.

Spoke to my dr who said i was too young (50 in May) for it to be that and has requested a pelvic scan, he wont see me.

Little history, he sent me for abdo scan 18 months ago for heavy bleeding, further pipelle biopsy normal and gynae said just reaching menopause.

Further on, my Mum died pf PPC but was BRCA negative (he said it doesnt matter if she was negative!!)

So, i guess im asking should i push for a face to face (or nether regions) exam, i am so frustrated to wait for goodness knows how long for the scan when i feel i know the problem, not to mention the cost to the NHS for a scan which i dont feel is needed as a first port of call.

Many thanks x

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Hi Hope, I'm not an expert by any means and am just learning my own prolapse story. I now do lots of pelvic floor exercises every day (see UK NHS squeezy app) but obviously I don't know whether this is right for you. My advice would be to book in with a pelvic health physiotherapist as soon as you can - they will see you even during lockdown. She'll be able to examine and give the right recommendations before you decide to progress to another professional. This wasn't offered to me by my GP, I was just told about the NHS app, but I paid privately for one and it was worth every penny. Hope that's something you could maybe do. Good luck.

Thankyou so much for your reply, i will definitely get that squeezy app and google for pelvic physios near me.I have called for a telephone appointment and am expecting the call anytime now ( i have checked and prvious Dr doesnt work Wednesdays yay!), if they still won’t see me i shall be asking for an email address to send the pic to!

It’s just so frustrating.

I hope youre doing ok and feeling much better xx

thanks : ) and yes it is frustrating. There just isn't enough help out there but forums like this are a godsend. I even asked my doc whether there was such a thing as a support group as I felt like I had so much to learn by myself. The answer 'nope', no support.The Squeezy App costs £2 I think from the app store. It has a list of PFPTs on there too. For info, I have mild (stage 1) uterine and bladder prolapse. With pelvic floor exercises and very gentle core strengthening exercises I can no longer feel the cervix so that is definitely moving on up! The cystocele (bladder) I think is still how it was when diagnosed in October but it's definitely something I can live with as long as I manage my digestion/toilet habits. I can recommend online pelvic health PT programmes to possibly follow too, just let me know. Make a bloomin long list with all your questions for that call and don't disconnect until you've had everything answered! Though, from experience, there is so much our GPs don't know about this 🤷‍♀️

Just had the call from lovely woman Dr (that i have seen previously) she is seeing me on Friday, she agrees, sounds very much like prolapse and talked through pelvic floor exercises to do before then, peseries, oestrogen and surgery (post Covid!!!) there is also a gynaecologist in a small local hospital that usually does just xrays who see’s people like me monthly so all sounds positive.She also keeping scan appointment as no harm in checking everything given my age.

Feel im now going in the right direction 😊

I guess like with you its a lot of training and retraining and a long road

The joys of having a womb eh! Xx

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Suzie42 in reply to Hope43

I have been diagnosed with womb prolapse just befire Xmas and after gp fitting 2 different types of pessaries and last week the 2nd one failing she said my prolapse is too heavy for pessary so she has referred me on to a gynaecologist as they will be able to fit other types of pessaries. Because i have IPF (Idipathic pulmonary fibrosis) i am not a surgery candidate. Im so upset with all of this. Apparentely about a 5 month wait to be seen. I use a Kegel8 to help strengthen muscles twice daily. GP said perhaps go private to be seen quicker. Im completely devestated by all of it.

If you can afford it, pay to see a private consultant. You should get an appointment fairly quickly. You can still get treatment on the NHS afterwards if you are a self funder.

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Hope43 in reply to swishy

Thankyou, i am seeing the doctor on Friday so fingers crossed we can start the ball rolling.And will go privately if needs be 😊 x

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swishy in reply to Hope43

All the best for that x

Dear all.Saw my Dr today, i do have a prolapse, it’s anterior vaginal prolapse, caused by bladder ‘drop’, she said she would ordinarily refer me for surgery now but to wait 6 months until it’s hopefully safer, i wouldn’t go in to be honest unless was an emergency.

Got my Sqeezy app and possibly get kegel weights 😬

Thankyou all, i feel oddly better knowing now xx

So sorry you are going through this! Let me start by saying that you know your body. You KNOW when something is not right! I have recently changed from a male doctor myself. I wanted a female doctor so that I could discuss my female issues with someone how can understand from the inside out and possible relate; not just someone who learned about how my body works from a text book. My best advise it to get a second opinion. <3

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