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Referral time for bladder prolapse appt NHS

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Just wondered how long referrals are at the moment ..are many people waiting pre pandemic and, anyone thought to go privately and how much?

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Hi Bea61,

I really sympathise as the waiting can feel like the worst part and life is on hold.

I’ve had a few referrals and tests over the pandemic and have found most are a lot shorter than I expected. In one case the wait for my neurologist appt was only 12 weeks as a routine patient. There was only one appt that I was referred for Just after the first wave had eased in July and I had the first appt in January but had my tests carried out really quickly and then surgery very quick. I think different trusts and specialties have always shown a lot of variation in time to be seen. 12 -16 weeks is seen as the ‘normal’ range but I think that as we are still in a pandemic mode especially the NHS the waiting times are seen as fluid.

You could always ring the secretary for your consultant and ask what the waiting time frames are. A lot of people are doing this. Even if you speak to another secretary they will still know what the gynaes waiting time is or if the department is completely overwhelmed.

I hope this helps

Hi I went private for initial diagnosis waiting times on nhs in wales about three years

All my treatments were postponed throughout pandemic and shockingly the next appointment available is for may 2022!! Unfortunately for me my symptoms have worsened and I have a fast tracked appointment in 2wks.

I think it really depends on the urgency of treatments and which specialty you are with.

Hope you have luck with your referral, you can call hospital and ask if there are any cancellations.

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Bea61 in reply to Skye22

HI, i wish you well with your upcoming appt. and you get the correct treatment ..May2022 my gosh, I don't know how anyone could wait that long when they suffer daily...must be hundreds of referrals to get thru and may have to think of going private but i don't have any personal recommendations so its another huge anxiety for me to deal with. 😱

I went privately to Miss Catherine Wykes in East Sussex.She was very thorough and excellent.Not as expensive as other private hospitals either.Well worth it for extra care and detailed information.

I got my prolapse diagnosis in May and got referred to pelvic floor clinic then. Still waiting. Since then the pain has got worse and has been thought to have had a uti but antibs haven't helped so done loads of reading and came to my own conclusions which probably isn't the best thing to do. I've been told at the moment the waiting list is 6 months. I'm in Glasgow. I don't think they really know for sure though and working in health are myself I completely understand that. Covid has a lot to answer for.

I hope you hear from them soon

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Bea61 in reply to KirstyMcL75

Am considering going for private consultation ..can't stand the heaviness and dragging feeling as well as the umpteen loo visits and in West midlands and have heard the referral waiting times are in years not months..😣

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Bowie74 in reply to KirstyMcL75

Hi this is my first post I am in Glasgow ,I seen gp3months ago told prolapse was mild put on vagifem but pelvic pain back pain bad would like to know more about pelvic floor clinic please

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KirstyMcL75 in reply to Bowie74

Hiya, I got referred by my gp. It's in stobhill hospital. Went last week and it turns out I don't have a prolapse as yet but have all the symptoms and my bladder is slightly laxed. Got given pelvic floor exercises to do. I would contact gp again and see if you can get referred.

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Bowie74 in reply to KirstyMcL75

Hi thanks Kirsty I will do that do the pelvic excercises work I maybe doing them wrong

hi i v been waiting for abladder prolase op since last march . and iv had a pressary ring fitted but i get pain in legs and feet after being on my feet for 10 mins and keep getting uti infections and abdmen pain and on anitibiotics again third lot so hoping it gose after iv took this course. then iv got to fing out why my abdmen hurts . i phoned a privite hospital and just to talk about my systoms they wanted 250 i cant aforrd to pay that out.

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Bea61 in reply to Mrshappyme

Sorry just realised you did have NHS treatment initially😳..hope you having a better day as i've had dreadful night with my aching legs and had to take more pain relief after visiting loo in middle of night and my abdomen just feels so achy going to pester GP tomorrow as haven't the strength to phone today..😣

Hi Mrshappyme..sorry to hear this about the pessary ring...this is what i'm expecting to have as initial treatment but i wonder why you pain in legs/feet? At the moment, i have pain in my legs and have tokeep sitting down or, better, lying on side so no gravity in play...its so debilitating and would try and keep ringing the GP.. i know its hard to keep ringing anywhere and makes the whole situation more anxious and thats not good for the bladder either..I've asked my GP surgery for a private referral and costs as, i simply can't stand the longgg waiting time on NHS..Did the NHS fit the ring?

Soo started to get pins and needles in hands and right numb foot..chronic back pain.GP referred me to A&E to rule out Cauda Equina..Over 3 hospital days, had few bladder scans and MRI. Thankfully I don't have Cauda Equina but now my abdomen and below ache after each time I void and worse after bowel movement..have to lie on side and swallow pain hosp had oramorph which worked well but GP will not prescribe this..still have been unable to get GP callback altho, nurse practitioner has called me and asked for another urine sample..have not found any bacteria in urine both in hosp and where does the odious smell come from..its truly offensive..this is very upsetting and debilitating ..daughter was able to visit for a week so i felt more energised and confident to leave house but now its just me and i don't want to leave house at all...

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