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12 Years and Afraid I will Live 40 More


This is my first post here. I have suffered debilitating pelvic pain for almost 13 years. It is like the pushing phase of child birth all the time. I have tried injections, had a hysterectomy, laparoscopic surgeries, and even underwent exploratory surgery while AWAKE to attempt to determine the cause. Every time I try something new to gain relief, it seems I have set backs and end up in more pain, and with less quality of life. I am mostly in bed, my business is gone after building it for 20 years, I can’t be the mom, wife, grandma I want to be. My Dr wants to try the DRG trial, but I have no peace about it. Any long term experience with this option? Also, I must say, it breaks my heart to know that enough people suffer this way to justify this group. I am so sorry to you all, and pray for strength and relief, love and support for each of you.

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Hi I feel for you like you I’ve had hysterectomy laproscopic investigations injections etc feel like my normal life is over cannot enjoy my grandchildren spend most of my time lay down in tears dr has given me all sorts of pills I hate the side effects and they do nothing for my constant pain can not bear to think that the rest of my life I will be like this

Hi, Are you sure it is not your spine, causes pelvic pains, my does all the time. I found out that I have tarlov cysts and another in my cauda equina area, agony. I would as for MRI scan if you have not had one.

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Just a question for you all with Pelvic pain. Do you sleep through the night without the pain waking you.

In other words can you sleep with no pain,having got off to sleep in the first place??????

yes, once I am asleep, I do not wake up with pain. I have pain from moments after I wake until I finally take some medical marijuana and go to sleep about 9:00 pm. I am not able to take enough of this product to take the day time pain away. I do take a mixture during the day, but it does not seem to help a lot. I am still trying to regulate it to help. I plan to start the aqua therapy. I am taking pelvic floor therapy now, but it is beginning to feel like it irritates the nerves. I hurt so bad afterwards. I am going to give that a rest for a few days from the therapy and see if that helps. I do the exercises they give me and I think they are a good way to elongate the muscles. Stretches I think are very important. I have Amy Steins book called "Heal Pelvic Pain". I would suggest anyone with pelvic pain to get the book.

I had DRG stimulator implanted six months ago. I have gotten 50% pain relief as far as spasms. It is by no means a cure all for me. I drove for about an hour and a half yesterday and I am paying for it today. I still have low back pain but relief from the spasms has been at least 80%

Please read my previous posts as a reference only. This has been my response to my particular problem and each person will get different results depending on their symptoms. Rocky68


Does it also happen when your due to go for number two?that's exact way I explained my pain to Dr,but its something to do with my bowels and when period there it inflames my bowels to ,too point where I was on tippy toes clinching to my sofa.

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