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Pain During Sex. Lap showed nothing help?!

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Hi. Ive been under treatment for chronic pelvic pain for 2+ years now with no real relief. Because the pain is triggered by sex (it can be there anyway but i know this makes it worse) i went to a gyne who did a lap and found nothing that in her opinion was related to gyne but she did agree it may be due to some type of damage caused from an emergency appendectomy 6 months before the pain started.

Im back at the hospital again at the end of July for another assessment with anothet gyne who specialises in pelvic pain. Ive tried amytriptiline and gabapentin and both gave no relief but side effects instead so ive had to come off them. Pain during and after sex with my partner is becoming worse and im scared its permament and that its going to keep getting worse. I know its triggered / inflamed by sex and moderate exercise but the pain can be there anyway in varying severities. Any advice please ? The pain during sex is really getting me down and with it getting worse over the past few weeks im worried.

Thanks for any responses i really appreciate it.

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Hi. Jess98790

Is there anything else in the past few weeks that could account for the increase in your pain?

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Jess98790 in reply to airplane

Hi nothing else has changed that might explain it which is why im concerned. Thanks for replying.

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airplane in reply to Jess98790

Hi. Are you familiar with the muscles in the pelvic floor?

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Jess98790 in reply to airplane

Hi. Yes I'd say so, why?

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airplane in reply to Jess98790

Hi. Sorry for the questions. I hate knowing there is yet another pelvic pain sufferer going through so much. You mentioned that you had abdominal surgery 6 months before your pain started. Sometimes you can get inside scaring from such a surgery.

Massage along the area can often help with the scar tissue. Not a dr. Just an idea.

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swarke22 in reply to Jess98790

Hi Jess, I know the appendectomy is near the ilioinguinal canal which holds nerves. I have damage there and pain is excruciating during sex. Fill in the form at Dellon institutes. Dr Dellon may come up with the answer. Good luck. Shirley

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Jess98790 in reply to swarke22

I live a little far away from there, im from the uk. Thanks for your advice i appreciate it

Hi jess. Did the doc mention vulvodynia? This to me sounds like vulvodynia which I have. Pain with sex, exercise but pain there all the time. If you search vulvodynia you will come up with the vulva pain society website which is a great source. Worth mentioning to the doc I think. I was diagnosed at my local gum clinic rather than a gynae. You can then be referred to physio to see a women's physiotherapist who can help with internal management of the pain especially for sex. I do fall under gynae and now been having treatment for endometriosis although my lap was inconclusive. Best wishes

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charlee4 in reply to Jen82

what is a gum clinic?

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Jen82 in reply to charlee4

Genito Urinary Medicine

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Jess98790 in reply to Jen82

Thank you. I'll look into this.

You've had labs done but has anyone performed an Ultrasound or other scans like an MRI? Basically I was wondering if there could be further issues from the appendectomy or another possibility is IC bladder disease. It generally can't be assessed by bloods nor urine sampling. It requires either scoping or less invasive Potassium Sensitivity Test. IC can give the kind of pain you are feeling.

Ive had a laproscopy and an ultrasound and both came back clear. What does ic stand for?

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charlee4 in reply to Jess98790

interstitial cystitis

This is my first response on this site so hope it’s helpful and not a silly thing to say, but one of the things I have is that my pelvic floor and girdle are constantly in spasm. The specialist I see doesn’t know why, but it’s been that way for some time and got a whole lot worse after some abdominal surgery. It hurts most of the time but during sex is excurtiating. You can imagine someone repeatedly kicking a cramped leg muscle? That’s how my specialist described the reason for the pain during sex!

Wow that sounds pretty intense! Thank you for your reply

Sorry Jess98790

I know how you feel it's been the same for me. I have suffered pelvic pain for well over twenty years. l had a total hysterectomy then adhesions s separated due to the hyso.... still suffering with pain under pain clinic just had steroid injection a little improvement. I know that it's sex or exercise that makes me have pain after a couple of days.

l had been married for 33,years unfortunately lost my husband to cancer. All the time I was on my own with no sexual relations I was free of pain but as soon as I got married again and resumed sex I started to get my pelvic pain again this has been very difficult in my life and is now causing my new marriage problems but the doctors don't seem to care do they l have tried all the usual medication but nothing seems to work and I have to be careful what I take because I have had two heart attacks which doesn't help my situation. Have asked my Dr for morphine patches but they won't give them to me since they don't want to go down that road yet.!!😆 My advice to you is take each day as it comes good or bad! Please let me know if I can help even if it's for a rant!

kind recards Carol 🤗

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Jess98790 in reply to McGraw

Thank you so much for your reply. I definitely think its connected and frustrating that the drs sometimes just arent interested despite it being their job. Crazy times.

Have you seen a physical therapist for your pelvic floor yet?

jess how old are you.

has anyone mentioned lack of eostrogen.

there are pessaries the dr can recommend if you are menopausal age.

i know this sounds bloody obvious but has a gynno had a good look to make sure you have'nt got a cervical polyp or a cyst growing inside you.

can you insert a tampon without pain?

are you using lube?

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Jess98790 in reply to costagran

I'm 24, I had a Laproscopy in january which didnt show anythjng she said but mild pcos but i don't trust her and want a second opinion. Yes I do as well but it doesn't make a difference in terms of the pain as it's a deep pain instead of superficial if that makes sense.

You’re not giving enough info regarding where it hurts most (internally/externally), and what type of pain it is, ex: burning sensation, dull ache, pain from touch or just general soreness in vulvar area after sex. Does foreplay in the area bother you? All these are important information to help you get diagnosed properly. It could or could not be related to the surgery you had. Maybe it’s muscle related. If that is a possibility, I highly recommend you get evaluated by a pelvic floor physical therapist, who specializes in pelvic pain. The pt can tell if the pain is due to muscle dysfunction, or can refer you to a medical dr who specializes in pelvic pain. Surgery in the area may affect the pelvic area. I hope this is helpful.

I suffer from vulvodynia, vaginismus and pelvic floor dysfunction. I’ve seen 2 gynecologists who specialize in pelvic pain issues, and am currently seeing a pelvic floor pt to work on the muscle dysfunction. The doctor also prescribed topical and oral medication for me as well, And there’s hope that I will get better within 6 months/yr. Don’t give up hope, there’s a lot of help out there for you! In the meantime, until you know what’s the cause, it may be better to hold off on vaginal sex so as not to make things worse. The body learns to expect pain and therefore one tenses up on the expectation of pain. This can cause the healing time to take longer...

Best of luck!

It is important to consider if you had any new partners and see if the timeline adds up. Also is the man you are with cut or uncut? A circumcised penis could cause the discomfort because the gliding motion of the foreskin would cause less friction for the receiver. Have you been with other guys where there wasn’t a problem during sex.

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