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have been diagnosed with CPPS l think it might be connected to prostrate problems, the pain at times is horrendous and sometimes wish l wasn't here to deal with it. Has anyone any solutions or ideas which would help to alleviate the problem, have been given Tramadol which seem to help slightly but terrible side effects. be interested to know if anyone has found a idea that could help

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Where is your pain specifically? When my pelvic pain started I assumed that it was prostatitis related because I have had infectious prostatitis in the past. However when my sorry excuse for a urologist finally got around to doing the Dre the prostate itself was not sore at all. My pain is primarily rectal but more recently the epididymal areas have been really sore as well. I finally got a prostate biopsy a couple months ago which showed up zero signs of cancer. I think whatever I have started to show itself about 3 years ago when I noticed increasing difficulty in starting and stopping urine streams. As well as the strength of the urine stream and how long it took to fully empty my bladder. In any case I would recommend first finding it an internal physical therapist who has experience with males with potential pudendal nerve involvement. You can't just wait around for answers because you won't get them. You have to be rolling aggressive with your doctors and if they are not forthcoming or don't suggest any test or means of diagnosis find another doctor. Quickly.

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Spot on,I agree with you entirely. You have to be pro active with your own health,or you will never get anywhere.


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