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Im so exhausted with this CPPS..I have questions?


So I received unprotected oral from a massage spot lady. Few days later, it hurt when i urinated, no other symptoms(discharge, etc).. I immediately panicked....went to urogist who did DRE and and said i have prostatitis. Took Cipro for 3 weeks but had minor side effect(flare up acid reflux)...The antiboitics worked, I was back to my regular self...then a few weeks later, after orgasm with wife, I felt the flare up again and it came back hard...I went str8 to depression and have been dealing with this for 4 months now...Saw PT for pelvic disorder which worked but still have some pain after urinating and orgasm...I recently brought supplements and hope they work...My questions are

1) does your penis feel extra warm/hot when you have a erection(my PT lady said its because the pelvic is malfunctioning and trapping blood..i dont know)

2) do you ever feel funny to have sex with your wife because you think you are passing a disease or infection back and forth to each other(which i think places a lot of stress on me and tenses pelvic muscles)

3)Can this condition really consume your life and and how do you deal with it

4)are any of you actually milking the prostate and if so, does it work

5)Do you feel pain in your groin muscles, lower back and sometimes thighs(which makes me think it really is muscular)

6)do you think there could still be an infection 4 months later

7)The past few weeks, I have not had a libido or strong you have these symptoms

I would really appreciate your feedback

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what kind of pain do u experience just regual day living?

Why haven't you gone back to urologist or general practitioner to check for std???? Trying not to be judgmental.. But come on, of course you should feel strange about the possibility of passing something to your wife. Not sure why you are going to PT instead of M.D. initially????

wbeaman in reply to Cheryl37

I am dealing with the same thing under somewhat similar circumstances

I am assuming the urologist ran the appropriate STD testing - if you are like everyone else who has run into this issue you will likely test negative but obviously this is something that should be done. A few of the predominant theories:

-its inflammation induced by stress either from the infidelity itself or other events going on your life (subconsciously)

-its caused by an unknown bacteria that has setup shop in the prostate. This line of thinking seems to be debunked by negative testing and a lack of response to ABX. Generally infections of the UI come with discharge and this seems rare with this condition. Bacterial Infections also generally get worse, or get better - they don't stay constant.

-some unknown virus/fungal infection (again, viral infections generally aren't "constant" and "fungal" infections usually include discharge

-physical trauma (rough sex, over-masturbation, damage from a fall, damage to nerves in the pelvis)

-muscle/alignment imbalances - this is part of what you're working on with your PT

To answer your questions:

1) no

2) i'm single and haven't had sex since this started, but i understand your concern. Is your wife aware of the situation? If not, this will likely feed/intensify the issue if the cause is stress related.

3) Definitely - the mental side is almost as bad as the physical side. All you can do is eat well, try your best to exercise, keep trying new treatments and seek professional help to deal with the mental impact of this. Don't spend hours on google or these forums every day. Check in once in a while.

4) I have tried this via a clinic in Toronto but it did not improve my situation.

5) Yes

6) Don't know. Don't obsess over this if things turn up negative though.

7) This hasn't been an issue for me but seems to be pretty common.

A few questions for you:

1.) How long after the oral sex did symptoms show up?

2.) Are their any visual symptoms? (redness, swelling ect)

I will PM you a good resource that has a more active dialogue regarding this condition.

Good luck.

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1) maybe a few days but never any discharge, just tip of penis pain

2).no visual symptoms at lesion, spots, redness or bumps

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Sorry, I thought I wrote that I was negative for stds...

So you cheat on your wife then put her at risk of infection? You, sir, are a garbage person. I feel so sorry for your wife...

Hidden in reply to Grateful36

I think I wrote this out wrong, that was the first thing I did was get check for STD's which was negative at a urgent care. Im just talking about dealing with the physical and mental part of having CPPS/non bacterial,non infection prostatitis symptoms

How disgusting of you to have intercourse with your wife after how could you have been so selfish to do that to your wife.If she takes An infection are you going to blame all this on her so you won't need to tell her that you are a cheat have enough balls to tell her what you have done

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I think I wrote this out wrong, that was the first thing I did was get check for STD's which was negative at a urgent care. Im just talking about dealing with the physical and mental part of having CPPS/non bacterial,non infection prostatitis symptoms

Ouch. Sounds like this forum isn't going to offer the 'support' you are looking for. Hard to find too much compassion for pain that is possibly caused by cheating on your wife. I tell my kids every day that every action has a consequence. Some are good some are bad, looks like you are dealing with the 'consequence' for your disgusting choice.


Ok it looks as though the original poster has left but as one of the admins on this site I want to add a few words. Firstly whether we agree with his behaviour which may or may not be the cause of his pelvic pain, it could be just coincidence we aren't here to judge. I myself don't agree with what he has done but I personally feel there is an element of remorse there and he realises that it wasn't the right thing to do. The aim of this forum is to create a supportive environment where people can get advice and support on treatments, work, living with life generally with pelvic pain. If for any reason you feel you can't add something constructive then it is simply best not to post. As the original poster has left the site I would ask that no further posts are added. Posts which don't stick to this can/will be modified or removed. This isn't something us admins like to do but we can't have 'civil war' breaking out on here. We are all suffering from pelvic pain both diagnosed and undiagnosed, treatments and it's side effects, work related problems as a results, ops etc which includes us admins. Please be kind to one another

CPPS can cause a series of pain and discomfort include pain or burning during urination, pain or discomfort after ejaculation, pain in the lower back, upper legs groin and above the bladder, pain or burning high up in the penis (urethra), a sensation of not emptying the bladder completely after finishing urinating, lowering of libido (sexual desire),fatigue, sometimes to the point of being bedridden,discolored semen,pain after ejaculation, etc. It's hard to live all these symptoms. You need to find a proper treatment to cure it, at least, take some supplements to relieve the pain. I know a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can cure this disease, maybe you can give it a try. Good luck to you.

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