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hello, i found out i was three weeks pregnant last week Thursday. on Sunday, i started bleeding and i thought it was normal until Monday when i had serious cramps and bled so much that i almost fainted. i went to the hospital the next day to have an ultra sound and be sure my baby was save but the ultra sound didn't detect any sign of pregnancy. however the doctor said i have pelvic inflammatory disease and its either i had a miscarriage as a result or it is too early for the ultra scan to detect the pregnancy. i did another pregnancy test on Tuesday and it was positive. the bleeding stopped when i started using the drug. could i still be pregnant or i actually lost the baby? i need a reply please.

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I'm afraid nobody can give you a definite answer either way, you will have to wait and see but I would think if you bled so badly it probably wasn't good. I've had bleeding in early pregnancy but only the tiniest spotting, never lots.

Possible you got another positive because your hormone level hasn't returned to normal yet, maybe wait another week or so and test again.

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Great advice bantam12 🌟


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