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Has anyone been to Birmingham pelvic pain clinic?

Hi, I have history of Endo, surgeries, adhesions, nerve pain etc and I’m wondering how to access this clinic. Do I need to attend the Endo centre first and be referred from there or can my GP refer me directly?

I was diagnosed with Genito femoral nerve pain by pain clinic several years ago and now I can hardly walk at also, have also now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I went for a second opinion last year and they said they can’t say it is GF nerve pain but it is nerve pain.

I’ve just had my PIP assessment and they have taken the 2nd opinion letter as meaning I don’t have GF nerve pain.

I was hoping to see Dr Rea but from what I can see he doesn’t do any private clinics. If I go to the Endo centre I don’t want another lap so that seems like a waste of a referral (if the gp will do one at all after 2nd opinion)

Any ideas please?

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Hi,I'm from Birmingham,can you tell me the name of the clinic you wish to see.

Most times whoever you wish to see,has to be referred by your GP.

I've been in this situation a few times,if you have a decent GP,go and ask him to refer you. If your GPs a bit stroppy,get stroppy back,he can't Deny you really. Sometimes you just have to give them a push. Good luck


Hi, I the the Birmingham endometriosis centre at the women’s hospital x


I should see your GP,he can refer you.


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