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Emergency Total Hysterectomy

Hello again!

Trying to see if there is any such procedure as an emergency total hysterectomy? Have YOU indeed had this as an EMERGENCY PROCEEDURE?

I am signed onto the NHS waiting list for said oopherectomy since July 2017, it can't come soon enough.

I've been to the A&E department twice since July. The problem is giving my symptoms across they will MRI my lumbar spine only, not my pelvic which was the initial scan I needed to reveal my diseased womb.

The consultant stated "back pain and urinary incontinence " is a lumbar spine MRI as their duty is to check for spine damage with these symptoms. He did this lumbar MRI even though I discussed that my gynae consultant believes my pain is due to my diseased womb.

How will I know if my womb has worsened or a cyst is there like before and so forth if they will not scan me...waiting list for a gynae appointment and referral for the pelvic MRI is 12 plus months.

I have an autistic son of 3.5yrs 45 lbs of pure baby cognitively he is delayed and wants lifted etc as hes very much a baby in mind. I am struggling, Painkillers are not touching my back pain. My womb feels like it could pass out my opening when I sit on the toilet, it is bearing pain, heavy and so painfully uncomfortable.

I give my symptoms my history my upcoming surgery (date?) Not as much as a vaginal examination.

I'm so down right now and so unimpressed by the health service.

I was in the MRI tunnel on Monday as an emergency yet he couldn't have asked for 2 scans instead of checking the spine which was "his" medical concern.

If you have a vagina with problems in this life it seems you are just

f$cked! Excuse my pain riddled rant.

HOW do I get my gynae issues looked at on an emergency basis without them taking my symptoms as a " Spine " medical urgency.

Thank you in advance.

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