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Hysteroscopy but no biopsy


I've had a confusing few months. I'm 47, I was told ten years ago that I had a thickened womb lining and I have always had to have the mIrena coil as without it (I've tried twice) I just flood every two to three days. This last time of having it removed after the five years and seeing if maybe I'm better now I bled so much over two and a half hours I fainted. Just gushing blood, water, blood clots.

When I asked my male doctor to please speed up my hysteroscopy he said he wasn't allowed. Okay, I understand. I said "how can we not rule out cancer? " and he looked at me like I was mad. "Cancer of the what!?!"

I said I had a thickened womb lining and he said "no you don't, it's normal". Another g.p since said it would only be thick because I was bleeding.

So had my hysteroscopy, as it happens two weeks later, woo hoo! Whilst on couch with legs up asked if I have a thickened lining and he said Yes, very dense plus multiple fibroids including one that looks like a polyp but wasn't a polyp. Waited five weeks for biopsy results only to find out they didn't actually do a biopsy.

Good job I was calm and confident as I would have been going out of my mind for nothing. Doctor thinks Gynecologist just didn't think necessary except I'm so disappointed as it wouldn't have harmed while he was in there surely! It's what I went for. They popped the coil in again, with my permission and sent me on my way.

Still have pain, light bleeding, watery discharge although that can be good and normal I found out, thanks to Mr Google, OR scary and dangerous.

Not sure whether to push it for a biopsy, don't want to come across as hypacondriac, have to trust them right? ? Would appreciate opinions, my mum thinks I should go back to lady g.p.

Thanks for reading if you did 😊

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