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Pulsating in my lower left abdomen

Hi, I am 38 years old and I am currently awaiting surgery to remove a 10cm fibroid from my womb. I have had d a lot of pain with this but the past few days I have also started feeling a pulsating sensation, almost like a heartbeat. Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same kind of feeling. I have been reading online and some of the posts are quite alarming

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I don't know anything about this but please don't read stuff on line just now and get alarmed/ concerned. Please relax , then on Tuesday 9am phone your Consultant's secretary and ask to have a word with him /her. Or say that you have a new symptom which is very worrying so could you be seen in clinic asap?

You should at least get a phone call back.

If you have this symptom persisting and feel unwell / concerned would you consider phoning either Out-of-hours GP or 111 for advice?

I live in Wales and we don't have 111, but I've seen some positive comments on here - have no personal experience though.

What do you think it is? A bleed?


Unfortunately I don't have that sort of symptom with my fibroids so I can't help with slot of advice. I would get some medical advice as soon as possible though. U know your body more than a doctor so I would press for information as soon as possible. If I went to my doctor's alot earlier my fibroids would of been sorted a year ago instead of waiting and having them grow a lot bigger then the doctor's told me. Please don't get to much information from the internet, there's alot of MIS leading information out there I read alot of ways to try and shrink them, different foods, different vitamins, all they done was make them bigger. Please get them check or if you can try and get the doctor to refer you to get a scan done, the scans can show alot more.


I don't have a fibroid and my lap came back negative but I've had this symptom almost as long as I've had the associated pain, and I was told it was to do with tight muscles from the pelvic floor and into the abdomen. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about x


Hi, I know this was written several months ago, but I have the exact same symptom and fibroids. Did you ever find out what it was?


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