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Lower abdominal nerves, help in UK ?

Hello, I have been diagnosed with pudendal and cluneal entrpament, based on nerve blocks,...however.. I also get a lot of horrible hypersensitvity iin an area just left of my bladder. Any poking or pressing makes me want to wee, I can't lie on my front, it is very difficult to change gear and to kneel. I have to let my tummy just flop as any tension winds up that area.

Does anyone else get this with PN, I was having physio on my front, all of that area was being dragged up and down a couch, so it is possible that I have adhesions binding nerves, as she was rough enough to cause PN.

I am going to Nantes in Aug to see P Roberts, but wanted to see if anyone else had ilio/inguinal/genitofemoral nerve issues in the UK and who they saw, I know what a nightmare it has been getting anywhere with PN,

Thank you

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I have nerve issues after Physio trigger point therapy some months ago. Certain symptoms have settled down a bit with time but the background nerve pain is still with me to a certain extent. Physio was too rough with me too. The kneeling thing is a separate issue to do with the Pudendal ( I presume) as I've had it for many years since op. im still trying to keep positive that the nerves will heal eventually with time. I find Bending over agrivates them as well.


Did you have it before op and was your op pudendal release? Yes bending over for me is bad too, some days it is not so bad, but the kneeling thing is always bad, sometimes I get pain shooting up like lightning , I presume it is a nerve either stuck or squashed by a tight muscle, but it never goes, I have to let me belly/ abdomen flop or it irritates, how are you post op , did it help? I have been trying to release my psoas via RE, but that does not seem to help. I know that stressy stuff winds it up, so maybe is the psoas ? I was fine until all the physio, could knetel and allsorts :-)


It was the op that gave me the Pudendal problems and pain about 17 years ago. the trigger point therapy was my last hope. But as usual. I end up worse off.



I was under the care of Kettering pain clinic and had a genito femoral nerve block.

I have since been transferred to the pelvic pain team gyneachology dept of Leicester Royal Infirmary; they have diagnosed pudendal neuralgia and will be doing a pudenal nerve block.

Which part of the uk are you in? I think there are various pockets of expertise in the UK - once I found out about the Leics team my GP and the Kettering pain clinic were happy to refer me. I hope you find what you need.


HI, does that mean that a genito fem nerve block did not work ? How do they know it is pudendal nerve, I have a PNE diagnosis, but the line of nerve pain goes just along pubic hairline, about a cm about, any prodding along my abs up to belly button will set off horrendous pain that seems to flare for hours.....


Dear Frodofish, I have just replied to your post of post op in France. I am thinking of you. Take great care. I imagine you may have checked out of hospital or just arrived home. read my reply to you.

Best wishes.


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