Puedendal nerve injection

hello everyone ,I am looking for some advice if I may, I had an injection yesterday.., my second set and it left me with a numb leg and awful nerve tingling in my foot. This never happened the first time. The numb leg has worn off but not the tingling foot which is quite painful. Am scared to be honest as to wether this will resolve itself or not ? Has anyone any experience on this.

Wish you all well ... Sandra

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  • Sorry, not had the procedure myself yet, but I have read of short-lived after-effects. Hopefully it will calm down soon. Did the doctor advise on potential after-effects, is there any way you can contact him? A.

  • Thank you for your reply, I rang them and they said they will speak to the doctor tomorrow and ring me back .will let you know. Sandra

  • I heard it's normal, I had two injections and my surgeon said I might experience what you describe, but I didnt. This should resolve within 24-48 hours though. Did you go numb in the pudental areas as well? Hope you are better by now.

  • Hi jenmal, yes I did go numb for something like 6-7 hours. It was heaven . Paying for it now though. Hopefully as you say it should go away x

  • So if you went numb in the pudendal region after the injection, does that prove it is Pudendal Neuralgia? Was that the point of the injections, to diagnose? A.

  • No this was my second set I was diagnosed after the first set. This was to try to obtain some pain relief .

  • Hi every one,

    I am new here. I got Bilateral pudendal nerve block in April 2017. From last 4 months i fell pain muscle spasm in my leftside buttock, lower buttock and him. Sitting is impossible for me. Any one fell like that. Please let me know

  • Hi! I’m a PNE sufferer that has had a pudendal nerve block just last year, I traveled 2 hours and on the way back was completely numb for 5-7 hours in the pelvic region. I start trigger point therapy January but I have had this poorly understood, misdiagnosed disease for over a decade now. (Traumatic fall to tailbone in 2000, dripped during a basket-toss in cheerleading) symptoms came on when I was 14 so about 5 years after the fall it gradually became a constant state of chronic disabaling pain over the years of dealing with unknown “flank pain” I had to quit my job and now spend my days laying in bed unless I have a doctors app or PT. Over 6 specialist needed for your multidisciplinary team including: urologist, Gastroenterologist, gynecologist, imaging specialist, orthopedist, pain management specialist, physical therapist:(pelvic floor specialist)psychologist,& acupuncturist to name a few. And keep in mind only your PCP can send out referrals*

    The journey is long and requires constant self affirmations and positivity. A lot of doctors are not aware of the nerve let alone all of it’s debilitating symptoms.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope you find a way to spread pudendal Neuralgia awareness so future patients won’t have to guide their own intensive, invasive treatments just to HOPE it works. :/ change is coming. Keep your chin up and know that struggle is a test to see how you bounce back and the lower ur rock bottom gets, the higher you’ll soon elevate and shine brighter that ever before✨

  • Hi, that happened to me too. It took a few weeks, but it did go away. I went on to have a puedendal nerve ablation and it was the best thing I ever did. I am a year out from having it and still am experiencing no pain. I had horrible pain prior to having the procedure. It should improve, I was very nervous about it too. I posted on here as well and got a lot of great responses! So nice to know we are not alone. xo

  • Hi, could I ask you please, where you had the pudendal nerve done. I have pudendal neuralgia and this sounds very promising. I have had all the pudendal nerve blocks with short term relief but this one is new to me. Many thanks Daniella4

  • I had the blocks then the ablation done at the cleveland clinic, amazing doc there who specializes in pelvic floor pain management.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I live in the U.K. so will check if there is a pain clinic who will do these injections. Many thanks Daniella4

  • Thank you all so much for your input, nothing else but to get through it x

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