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Pcos living with pcos

I'm 18 went five months without a pieriod and had bad groin pain for the past year and half completely lost my sex drive and had very sore boobs so I was convinced I had pid yet I wouldn't have the pelvic exam don due to pain so I took tablets for Pid anyway off sexual health team for two weeks yet they didn't touch me in the slightest I finally got my stomach ultra sound done and two days ago I got diagnosed with pcos yet I'm convinced it's not that as everyone around me is saying it causes no pain yet I'm 24/7 in pain with my groin has anyone else expierences this ? Bad pelvic and groin pain with pcos and compete loss of sex drive xx

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I believe pcos sufferers do get pain, more painful periods for sure. I was diagnosed in my 20s with pcos and my periods were always horrendously sore. I bleed very frequently at one point and I had an erosion on the lining of the womb, so a hole or sore on my uterine wall. It was obviously bleeding, not healing and caused me pain. That was only diagnosed on laparoscopy surgery to investigate the pcos and my constant pain. It was cauterised (heat treated) try painful regular periods existed. You are very young so you need to preserve your ovarian and uterine health yet you are in pain....try speaking with you GP ..the contraceptive injection stops periods as do the pill..there are tablets like tranenamic acid and metformin for heavy periods, anti spasmodics.

I never recommend the coil I had such a bad experience with it.

Is sex painful?

Sometimes I believe you can have a tilt in your womb without them ever specifying it. Most of my sexual experiences ( Im 38 and married now) it felt in positions that my lover would be hitting off something inside me like the top of my cervix and that was v v painful for me. I may have a small vaginal cavity area for penetration before my womb. I believe for pain they are all things to take into consideration. I never has an infection in my life to my knowledge a completely clean bill of health down there.

Good luck I hope somethibg in here can help you.


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